How to make Cooking Pot in Dawnlands? Obtaining Copper Ingots explained

If you are wondering what use are Bird Eggs and Blueberries, then you must know how to make Cooking Pot in Dawnlands. It is one of the most useful craftable structures in the open-world adventure game. Two Recipe Pages are required to unlock it after which players can make a variety of items that boost their HP or resistances.

Cooking Pot is unlocked in the recipe page section after players learn how to craft a Barrel to brew PawPaw Wine. The copper pot, suspended by pieces of wood, requires a fire underneath it to function, just like the Transmutation Cauldron. The process of crafting a Cooking Pot may get confusing but we have all the steps laid out.

Materials required to craft a Cooking Pot

Players need 6 pieces of Wood and 3 Copper Ingots to learn how to make a Cooking Pot in Dawnlands. Wood is a natural resource that can be found in the wild or from cutting Trees. The method for obtaining Copper Ingots is time-consuming.

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How to get Copper Ingots for Cooking Pot in Dawnlands?

A Smelting Furnace and Charcoal Kiln are needed to craft Copper Ingots. Both structures need one Recipe Page each to unlock. Building a Charcoal Kiln requires 20 pieces of Stone and 10 pieces of Resin. Building a Smelting Furnace requires 20 pieces of Rock and 10 pieces of Charcoal.

The whole process for crafting Copper Ingots is as follows:-

  • Build a Charcoal Kiln
  • Substitute each piece of Wood for Charcoal
  • Build a Smelting Furnace
  • Craft a Copper Ingot with 4 pieces of Charcoal and two pieces of Copper Ore.

Copper Ore can be found in the wild and extracted with a Mining Tool. On another note, Charcoal can be obtained from roasting to the point that the item burns entirely.

The total number of items required to know how to make a Cooking Pot, including the building of the Smelting Furnace and Charcoal Kiln, are 20 Stones, 10 Resins, 14 Wood/Charcoal, 6 Wood, 20 Rocks, 2 Copper Ores, and 3 Copper Ingots.

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