How to get Diamonds in Dawnlands?

Dawnlands Guide

Diamonds are an important in-game currency in Dawnlands. Players can use it to increase their backpack capacity (item, weapon, or trinket), purchase event-exclusive items, and also use them to revive themselves. Most notably, Diamonds in Dawnlands are used to hire followers for boss fights. Diamonds are a premium currency that can be obtained via seven … Read more

How to make Cooking Pot in Dawnlands? Obtaining Copper Ingots explained

Cooking Pot in Dawnlands scaled

If you are wondering what use are Bird Eggs and Blueberries, then you must know how to make Cooking Pot in Dawnlands. It is one of the most useful craftable structures in the open-world adventure game. Two Recipe Pages are required to unlock it after which players can make a variety of items that boost … Read more