How To Transfer The Server To The Lost Ark?

In the lost ark from one account, you can create six different characters. Six other characters you can select on different servers. Suppose you want to change your character from one server to another server. But, facing some issues.

Here we have some solutions and update. From which can you solve the lost ark server transfer issues? In the lost ark, when you create your character in a specific server. To play with your friends, you and your friends have to be on the same server. If your friends are on another server and you have to play with them. One of you has to switch the server.

So when many people change the server, the character experience will start from the. While you start lost ark, make sure you and your friends have the same server.

How many servers are in Lost Ark?

There is North America east, North America west, and South America. The other Europe region-based servers are Europe central and Europe west. In the Europe region, the new server is added on Feb 2022.

Including all the western servers, There are a total of five servers available. Also, in this server, there is a sub-region that you can choose according to traffic in it.

Point to mention that, to play with friends you and your friends need to be on the same server. As an example, if you both want to play lost ark together, both of you have to log in to the same severe Europe West.

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Further, when you create an account in a specific server, make sure you are getting enough ping to run the game. While selecting characters make sure you play in less occupied servers. Also when you select the different servers. The player may speak different languages such as Portuguese or other languages.

If you have doubts, lost ark server transfer progress possible from one server to another server? Don’t worry about that many other users have these questions in mind. In your region, if you are not facing any long queues then you don’t need to change the servers. But if you are facing the issues just wait, because due to the new server in the lost ark, the traffic will reduce and you don’t have to wait in queues.

Know all About Lost Ark Server Transfer

When you start the game there are six free characters available. And those six characters can run through different servers. But you can not be able to change one specific character in different servers.

From these different servers, you and your friend can play only through the same servers. You can play on whichever server you want to play. Which server has the less queue you can change in that server. There are 5 main and 15 sub-classes to explore in the lost ark.

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Still, many users face issues, when they change the character from one server to another character.

Suppose you have only the main character and playing on the same server for months. And if you want to explore the different servers with the same character. The same character can not be changed into a different character. Still, you can change the different servers with new characters,

As of now to avoid the matchmaking queue, Amazon has developed a new region Europe West. so the player wants to change to the new server, Europe West, you won’t be able to change with the same character. But still, you can try the server with other characters.

Lost Ark Server Transfer Europe West?

Back in the day, the lost ark was facing heavy traffic on the Europe servers. lost ark started noticed by everyone in Europe servers. When users logged into the game, they are facing heavy traffic issues. To solve the issues in Europe’s central region.

On February 17 the lost ark launched its new server, Europe west. But when the new region/ server was added to the lost ark. The many players who tried to change the server have faced issues like. The character progress is not sharable in the new server.

The lost ark developers published that, the new server can be joined by new and existing players. But when the existing player wants to play in the Europe west server. The other server character progress will not count. In the new server, the character has to start from the scrap.

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Further, in lost ark players have allowed only six slots. So, if they created the six characters, they won’t be able to create the new character for free.

Why does lost ark server transfer only possible in Korea?

Server transfer is only possible in Korea. Because mass people are playing lost ark in Korea. So the fans can change the same character’s growth from one server to another server. While in the other servers such as Europe central region servers.

As we know now that characters are fixed in one server. So for now there is no cross-functionality in the Europe-based servers. Also newer severe to add is not possible due to complexity and bugs.


As of now as Amazon and RGP mentioned while changing the server you won’t be able to share the character progress from one server to another servers. You can create the different six characters in the game and can play through different characters as suits you.

But when you try to switch the server with the new server you have to start from the scrape. The new server aimed to divert the traffic to different servers. So the Europe central region server won’t have to face a long queue. The new player from Europe can also build their character in Europe west and existing users.