How To Unlock All 16 Artifacts In Risk Of Rain 2?

Want to know how to unlock all six artifacts in the game Risk of Rain? Well, don’t worry; I have got you covered.

In this game, there are dozens of inventive items paired with several different characters with their own cool, distinctive play styles for players to choose from. The articles also consist of several Artifacts and their purposes and times of use.

What Are All The 16 Artifacts in Risk Of Rain 2?

Risk Of Rain
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Here is a list of all the 16 Artifacts in the game Risk Of Rain 2, with the codes you have to use to use them and their descriptions of what the artifacts will help the players with.

Artifact Code Description
Artifact of Chaos Circle, Triangle, Circle – Circle, Triangle, Circle – Circle, Triangle, CircleFriendly fire is enabled for both survivors and monsters alike.
Artifact of commandSquare, Square, Square – Square, Square, Square – Square, Square, SquareChoose your items.
Artifact of DeathTriangle, Triangle, Triangle – Triangle, Triangle, Triangle – Triangle, Triangle, TriangleMonsters deal more damage.
Artifact of EvolutionCircle, Circle, Circle – Triangle, Triangle, Triangle – Square, Square, SquareMonsters gain more health and attack speed.
Artifact of FrailtySquare, Square, Square – Circle, Circle, Circle – Triangle, Triangle, TriangleSurvivors take more damage.
Artifact of GlassTriangle, Triangle, Triangle – Square, Square, Square – Circle, Circle, CircleSurvivors have less health.
Artifact of HonorCircle, Triangle, Square – Triangle, Square, Circle – Square, Circle, TriangleAll enemies spawn as elites.
Artifact of KinSquare, Triangle, Square – Triangle, Square, Triangle – Square, Triangle, SquareSurvivors share health and item cooldowns.
Artifact of MetamorphosisCircle, Circle, Triangle – Square, Square, Square – Triangle, Triangle, SquareSurvivors can evolve their abilities.
Artifact of EnigmaCircle, Triangle, Triangle – Square, Circle, Circle – Square, Triangle, SquareItems have random effects.
Artifact of DissonanceCircle, Square, Square – Triangle, Circle, Circle – Square, Triangle, SquareItems have negative effects.
Artifact of SacrificeTriangle, Square, Square – Circle, Circle, Circle – Square, Triangle, SquareSurvivors drop items when they die.
Artifact of SoulTriangle, Circle, Square – Square, Triangle, Circle – Circle, Square, TriangleSurvivors can collect souls from enemies to gain health and power.
Artifact of SpiteSquare, Circle, Square – Circle, Triangle, Square – Triangle, Square, CircleEnemies deal more damage to survivors who are close together.
Artifact of SwarmsCircle, Square, Triangle – Square, Circle, Square – Triangle, Triangle, CircleMonsters spawn in larger groups.
Artifact of Vengeance Circle, triangle, circle, circle, triangle, circleYour relentless doppelganger will invade every 10 minutes

Requirements To Unlock The Artifacts in Risk Of Rain 

Before we know how to unlock the artifacts at risk of rain, you should know what requirements you must meet. The player who has reached the Fifth Stage of the game, Sky Meadow, can unlock all 16 artifacts.

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Once you have reached the fifth stage, Sky Meadow, These are the steps you need to go through to unlock the artifacts: 

  1. You must go through one of the circular openings on the bottom floor to get underneath.
  2. There you will find the Compound Generator, where you can input various codes for whichever artifact you want to access.
  3. Once you have entered the code, go ahead to the little table in front of the code entry pedestal and interact with the laptop.
  4. Now a portal will spawn. 
  5. Enter that portal, which will lead you to Bulwar’s Ambry
  6. Now collect the floating Artifact key and take it to the Artifact Reliquary in the center (be ready; monsters will spawn once you interact with it)
  7. Beat the monsters until another Artifact key drops. Collect that and bring it to Artifact Reliquary. You’ll have to repeat this four times. 
  8. Then you’ll get a shiny new Artifact to play with.
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