THE FINALS Playtest: How To Invite Friends ?

THE FINALS is an upcoming multiplayer shooter free-to-play game published by Embark Studios. It is a real thrill-fueled virtual reality game show.

The game’s heavy focus is on the destruction of physics. So far, the game’s beta version has received strong reviews from players and content creators. The feedback is being used to polish the game before its release.

The game is styled after a game show, allowing the players to play in one of three classes: heavy, medium, or light, each with its own weapons and abilities.

The game’s second closed beta testing began on June 14, and unlike the first beta, which only lasted for two weeks, this will be much shorter since it’s closer to the conclusion.

Like any other thing, the game is much better with friends since it is an online multiplayer free-to-play game.

So you must be thrilled to know that the game also offers an easy way to invite your friends to the game and enjoy the game with them; this is an easy way to obtain more keys while the supplies last in the beta version. 

the finals playtest june
image via Embark Studios

How To Get Access To The FINALS Playtest?

This is a step-by-step guide to signing up for THE FINALS beta

  • Head over to ‘THE FINALS’ Steam page.
  • Scroll down until you see “THE FINALS Playtest.”
  • Select “Request Access” to sign up for the beta.
  • Wait for an email with a stream key for access to the playtest.

If you participated in the previous closed beta, you will automatically get access to the second closed beta. Just wait for an email from the stream.

How To Invite a Friend To THE FINALS Playtest?

To enjoy THE FINALS playtest with your friends. 

  • Head over to Embark’s Website
  • Login with your Steam account.
  • Once you’re set-up, the site.
  • The first tab will be related to your personal information; there, look at the menu on the left to find an account called “playtest with friends” and open it. (this is how to get more keys for the closed beta.)
  • In that tab, locate the section that will generate your keys.

These keys are limited, so keep in mind you are not allowed to sell or trade them, which can cause you to lose access to Embark playtest.

When Does THE FINALS Playtest End?

The first closed beta of THE FINALS playtest started on March 7, 2023. This was a two-week beta playtest of the virtual reality game show, so it ended on March 22, 2023, and after great feedback from the fans, Embark Studios decided to launch the second closed beta, for the fans.

THE FINALS closed beta 2 kicked off on June 14, 2023, and this time, it wasn’t as lengthy as the first closed beta; it ended on June 21, 2023, as it was getting close to the conclusion, but there is no confirmed date for when the first title will release.

How Much Do You Get Paid on Playtests?

Generally, a 15-minute playtest survey will have a reward of $9 USD, but if you are ever unsure; please check the invitation email for the playtest. All payments are made through PayPal. As long as you have completed a playtest well, you can expect to receive the compensation in up to 3 days.