Escape from Tarkov: Tarkov Shooter Part 1 Quest Guide

Are you up for a challenge in Escape from Tarkov? If you’re looking for a chance to prove your worth as a fighter, then look no further than Sniper’s test.

He’s seeking a reliable guy who can handle a task and won’t let him down. And to test your skills, he wants to see how you fare with a bolt-action rifle. This is your chance to become the “Tarkov Shooter.”


You aim to eliminate 5 Scavs from over 40 meters away while using a bolt-action rifle with iron sights. Keep in mind that only Scavs count towards this quest, not PMCs.


The rewards for completing this quest are quite generous. You’ll receive +12,300 EXP, a Jaeger Rep +0.02, and 50,000 Roubles. If you have Intelligence Center Level 1, you’ll receive 52,500 Roubles, and if you have Intelligence Center Level 2, you’ll receive 57,500 Roubles. Additionally, you’ll receive a 2× PU 3.5x riflescope, 2× PU 3.5x ring scope mount, and 2× Mosin Rifle Kochetov mount.

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Tarkov Shooter Part 1
Battlestate Games

You’ll need to follow some specific guidelines to pass Sniper’s test. Firstly, grab a bolt-action rifle and do not attach any scopes or sights. It would help if you used only the iron sights.

The factory is not recommended for this quest as there are not many places where you can effectively engage at 40m or further. Instead, consider maps such as Woods, Shoreline, or Customs, which have sniper Scavs that can be spotted from a far distance.

To complete this objective, you’ll need to carefully aim and take down Scavs from over 40 meters away. Remember to keep track of your surroundings, as there may be other players looking to take you down. Stay alert and use the cover to your advantage.


Now that you know the ins and outs of Sniper’s test, it’s time to prove your worth as the “Tarkov Shooter.” Take on the challenge and show that you have what it takes to handle even the toughest of tasks in Escape from Tarkov. Good luck and happy hunting!

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