How to Unlock the Death Knight Class in Hearthstone

Hello, gamers! Who doesn’t like surprises? I bet you enjoy receiving surprise gifts or any kind of unexpected delights that make your heart pound with joy. In this guide, we will be discussing a new class available in Hearthstone called the Death Knight Class and how to unlock it in the game.

So, without further chit-chat, let’s begin with our guide!

How to Unlock Death Knights in Hearthstone

How to Unlock the Death Knight Class in Hearthstone

To unlock the Death Knight class in Hearthstone, simply follow these steps: First, finish the March of the Lich King Prologue. It’s free of cost for everyone, and the best part is that you don’t need to be at a certain level to do so. You can complete it whenever you want, at your convenience.

To get your hands on the Prologue, go to Modes, then Solo Adventures, and choose the March of the Lich King Adventure. In this Solo Adventure, you will battle four computer opponents using set decks.

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Once you complete it, you will receive the Death Knight class and 32 Death Knight cards as free rewards.So, this is how you unlock your Death Knight Class in Hearthstone.

Now, let us move on to the next question: What is a Death Knight? So, without further ado, let’s begin!

All About Death Knight

The Death Knight is a very special and complex class in Hearthstone. When you play as a Death Knight, every small friendly minion that dies adds to a counter at the bottom right of the screen called “Corpses.”

You can always use these Corpses as a resource with a certain number of Death Knight cards. For example, a card like Battlefield Necromancer helps you raise your Corpses as 1/2 cards with Taunt every turn you play.

When you create a Death Knight deck in the game, you have to choose Runes from Blood (red), Frost (blue), and Unholy (green), which are like proficient traits from World of Warcraft.

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The Runes you choose determine which cards you need to include in your deck based on their Rune requirements. For example, Patchwerk needs a single Blood Rune, while Lord Marrowgar requires you to dedicate all three Runes to Unholy.

The Death Knight’s Hero ability works like Ghoul Charge. It will cost you two Mana and summon a 1/1 Frail Ghoul with Charge. This Ghoul will die at the end of the turn. Ghoul Charge also helps you gather enough Corpses for powerful combinations in your deck.

So, that’s all for our guide. Feel free to ask any questions related to the game in the comment section. We would love to hear your views!