How to Hide UI in FFXIV? (PC/PS4)

For those of you who play Hide UI in FFXIV, getting rid of UI is easy; in any case, it is impossible to change it, as in the PC adaptation. Looking at keystrokes isn’t exactly rocket science, but Final Fantasy XIV never explicitly tells you how to hide your user interface in FFXIV to take screenshots.

This is not an issue in Final Fantasy XIV, where you can save up to 4 HUD layout settings depending on your needs. This guide will cover the basics of what you can do with UI customization, and how to customize the hot bars and resize or hide items in the FF14 HUD.

How to Hide UI in FFXIV on PC?

Anytime you want to hide the HUD or disable the UI buttons for whatever reason, you can use Scroll Lock. If you want to hide the user interface, click the Scroll Lock button. The user interface can be hidden by pressing the Scroll Lock key or pressing LB and Back on the controller.

You can hide the user interface in FFXIV by holding down the scroll lock key on your keyboard. While playing, you must hold down the Alt key on your keyboard, and while it is pressed, you must also press the C key.

That’s the beauty of PC gaming. You can change this button to whatever you want. These are
shortcuts because you can use the gear icon on the right to change these settings (and sometimes others). To change the settings, open the system menu by pressing the Esc key.

how to Hide UI in FFXIV

How to Hide UI in FFXIV in PS4?

A message will appear on the screen showing if you have PVP enabled or not, and there is no cooldown out of combat, so you can press the button as many times as you want; it will still turn on and off is the most effective way to disable game mechanics quickly.

You can hide UI very easily on PS4 by using the PS4 controller. Just press the L1+ touchpad
on your control, and the UI disappears. You should press the L1+ select key if you are using
PS3. You can save up to 4 user interface settings and easily switch between them.

The user interface in FFXIV can be effectively hidden in PS4 using the PS4 controller. You can use
the suggestion latch in the governor to take a screenshot.

You need to click on the gear next to the current UI element to open its settings. Click “User
Interface Element Settings”
next to the bar that currently displays your selected user interface. A submenu of commands will open when clicked, and you can select a different size.

If you are an amateur photographer, this latch can be moved to the middle mouse button. Pressing the button on the left shoulder and the touchpad will remove the user interface from the screen.

You can also use the Skip (triangle) button to turn this item on or off (some items cannot be turned off, such as operating indicators) and use R3 to scroll through the various measurements.

How to customize the hot bars in the FF14 HUD?

You can right-click an element to toggle its display. Player actions, emotes, items, macros, and goal indicators can be set in these slots to access player actions by selecting an icon.

Another significant aspect of the shortcut bar in FFXIV is that you can not only drag and drop skills from the Action and Trait (P) menus but also system menus, gear groups, and emotes into the shortcut bar.

To change the settings:

Open the system menu by pressing the Esc key and selecting the HUD layout or any other
the option you wish to change.

Open the system menu and click on “Character Configuration,” then click on “Login Settings”
at the bottom and on the “Display” tab at the top.

Go to System Settings > HUD Layout and get the numeric index of the hot bars you want to
use. While on the HUD layout screen, click the Quick Access Toolbar and then click the widget icon. So you can have “menu button” and submenu buttons in one ordinary quick access bar.

You can also make the main menu by scrolling through two different copied hot bars. The submenus will also be hidden when we hide the main menu itself.

After the main menu, the game will start a new macro and delete the current macro if you open a submenu. The submenu can be displayed by right-clicking another player’s name in the log window,
selecting their name, and pressing X on the controller.

How to take a Screenshot in FFXIV?

The UI is gone, and you hit the offer button to take screenshots until your hearts get stronger.
The UI is gone and hit the share button to take screenshots to your heart’s content.

Press the PrtSc key on the console to take a screenshot; the screenshot will be saved in hiding UI Screenshot in FFXIV or FFX14. If you don’t have a screenshot app, you can use the PrtSc key on your keyboard. The screenshot will be saved in the FFXIV or FFX14 screenshot folder.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Hide UI in FFXIV with complete information.

How do I hide UI in FF14?

Simply hold down L1 and the touchpad button at the same time. That’s all, the HuD/UI is gone, and you may now snap screenshots to your heart’s content by pressing the share button. Do you want to learn more about Final Fantasy XIV?

Where is Ffxiv UI saved?

How to Transfer Keybinds and the HUD Between Characters Don’t be intimidated; this is a rather straightforward procedure. To begin, go to the file folder for your game, which should be placed at C:UsersUSERNAMEDocuments. My Video Games Any Windows 10 user can play FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn.

How do I backup my Ffxiv UI settings?

Making Use of the Backup Tool Click Config on the launcher to start backing up your settings. The Configuration Menu. Click “Back Up” under Backup Tool in the menu that displays. Backup. To back up your settings, go to “Backup” and choose a location for your backup file. FFXIVconfig is the name of the file.

How do I transfer my Ffxiv UI to another computer?

Transfer the FFXIV game folder to an external HDD/USB drive. Copy the FFXIV settings folder to an external HDD/USB
(X:UsersUserName>DocumentsMy GamesFinal Fantasy XIV). Go to the cogwheel symbol on the FFXIV launcher and select Export Settings. Copy or save this file to an external hard drive or USB flash drive.

This is the end of this short guide.

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