Best 4 Star Characters in DC Heroes and Villains

Generally, 4-star characters in DC Heroes and Villains are used for supporting the higher-tier characters. Their abilities shield or heal the party while leaving the manipulation of buffs/debuffs to others. However, there are a few Tier 4 characters with all-around capabilities that surpass those of the highest rarity.

We previously discussed the best 3-star characters in DC Heroes and Villains. This list will go a step further in proving some of the best 4-star characters. Keep in mind that the list includes Group Bonuses because it is recommended to keep allies belonging to a particular synergy in the battle party for the best results.

#1. Poison Ivy

Compared to the tree-star Enchantress, Poison Ivy is a better option as a healer. She deals over 114% of her attack stat damage with her Power Move ‘Voracious Tendrils’, which technically has a low dodge rate, and heals the lowest HP ally by 31% of her health. Ivy can also synergize with Joker, who is the best barrier-breaker in the game.

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The Toxic Emanations passive ability gives Poison Ivy some resistance compared to Enchantress. Whenever she is attacked, the enemy is inflicted with Attack Down and Accuracy Down for 3 turns. She is a useful counter for those characters whose gameplay is based on Stealth, such as Robin, Batman, and Huntress.

#2. Deadshot

He never misses. Even if the target has a Dodge buff, Deadshot takes him down with a pinpoint accuracy headshot. A maxed-out Deadshot does over 220% damage with his Power Move and has a 15% Crit Chance when attacking those with the Taunt buff. The sniper also ignores half of the target’s Defense.

Deadshot is a Suicide Squad member. He gains increased damage with tile matches when synergized with other useful characters like Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc. More on the latter below.

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#3. Killer Croc

Killer Croc is your standard tank but his staggering HP and Taunt abilities can give players solid play. Whenever Croc uses his Power Move, he gains a Taunt buff for 5 turns. This allows other units to get on the offensive while he directs attacks to himself. Waylon Jones is immune to Critical Hits and has a 3% chance to lose HP to give Damage Over Time debuff to each enemy that attacks him.

#4. Beast Boy

What Killer Croc does, Beast Boy does better. At the start of the battle, he transforms into a giant bear that has massive HP while also increasing the Power Meter of each ally by 16% or a Teen Titans group member by 24%. His Power Move also affects each enemy. Beast Boy, Starfire, and Blue Beetle are considered to be one of the deadliest trios in the game due to their Shield, Taunt, and buff manipulation abilities.

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