How To Use Floo Flames in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can use the Floo Flamess to travel faster from one location to another on the game map. This can be helpful for the players because the Hogwarts Legacy has a large map does exploring it can consume lots of time. With the help of the Floo Flames until you have the mount such as Hippogriff.

The Floo Flames is only used through the Floo Power and it’s an unlimited source so you don’t need to worry about the Power. But you need to unlock the Floo Flames in Hogwarts Legacy in order to use it.

How To Activate the Floo Flames in Hogwarts Legacy?

floo flames hogwarts legacy
how to use floo flames hogwarts legacy

You can activate these Floo Flames in the game by reaching them. You will see the grey Floo Flames icon on the Hogwarts map simply visiting this icon can activate the Floo Flames so that you can easily use anything in future in the game for travelling.

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How To Use the Floo Flames in the Hogwarts Legacy?

In order to use the Floo Flames in the Hogwarts Legacy you need to access the map and hover to the Floo Flames icon and simply press the following buttons on different devices.

floo flames how to use
how to use floo flames hogwarts legacy
  • PC: Press the “Left Click” in the mouse on the Keyboard
  • Xbox: Press the “X” button on Controller
  • PlayStation: Press the “Square” button on Controller.

How To Unlock The Mount in Hogwarts Legacy?

The second option that Hogwarts Legacy offers you for travelling faster in the game is riding the mount. But in order to use the mount you need to unlock it.

For that you need to complete the mission called “The High Keep” The reward of this mission is Highwing, Poppy Sweeting’s Hippogriff.

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are only two options available to travel from one location to another faster. The first is using the Floo Flames you can enable this by visiting the location of the flames and using them through the map. The second option is unlocking the mount in the game you can do by completing The High Keep quest.

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This is all for how to use Floo Flames in Hogwarts Legacy for more relevant content do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides such as how to get more gears and more.