How to Evolve Ursaring in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, some Pokemon will require candies and levels to evolve. So, you have to trade something for the evolution of Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

But, there are some exceptions in Pokemon Go. However, you need to trade something but you need to give a little extra effort into that. 

Here in this guide, we learn about evolving Ursaring Pokemon Go. 

Evolve Ursaring Pokemon Go will require Teddiursa Candy at a particular time in the month. 

Let’s find out all.

How to Evolve Ursaring in Pokemon Go?

You will need 100 Teddiusra Candies to evolve Ursaring Pokemon Go. But when you select the Urasaring Pokemon and try to evolve, you won’t see an option to evolve there.

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However, if you have 100 Teddiusra or more you won’t be able to evolve it’s not a glitch or bug. You can evolve Urasaring into Ursaluna on the Full Moon Night only.

If you try on the other day the option will not be there. Also in the game and in real life time should match and in the open sky you can evolve Ursaring Pokemon Go. 

How to collect the Teddiusra Candy in Pokemon Go?

As you catch first Teddiusra, you have to make Teddiusra your buddy, your walk partner. You will receive 1 candy for every 3 km walk with Teddiusra in Pokemon Go. So, to collect 100 Teddiusra candies you have to walk 300 KM with Teddiusra.

When is the Full Moon Night In Pokemon Go?

As of May, Full Moon Night was on 5th May, but you don’t have to worry about the next full moon night. We have listed all Full Moon Nights of 2023 to Evolve Ursaring Pokemon Go. 

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evolve ursaring pokemon go

2023 Full Moon Nights to Evolve Ursaring Pokemon Go:


The point to mention is, sometimes the actual full moon night and the game time doesn’t match. So make sure you try before and after 2 days of full moon nights.

In May, it was the 5th day, and sometimes it count to 30 days but in actuality, it might lesser than that. So you need to try before and after 2 days of full moon night so you won’t have to wait for the next month. 


That’s all you need to know about Evolve Ursaring Into Urasaluna. Ursaring is a normal Pokemon and it evolved from Teddiusra. Urasanal is a fully evolved level of Teddiusra.

First, you have to capture Teddiusra then at level 30 Teddiusra automatically evolves into Ursaring. From that, you can evolve Ursaring into Urasanal with 100 Teddiusra Candy in the open sky at full moon night in pokemon go. 

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