Indus Battle Royale Release Date and Gameplay Details

From the makers of Battle Stars, Super Gaming’s Indus Battle Royale could revolutionize the battle royale gaming industry in India. Their aim of “putting India on the global gaming map” started spectacularly with Battle Stars.

Surpassing two-million players within three weeks of launch. The spotlight is now on perhaps their biggest and most-anticipated project, which is scheduled for a release next week.

Indus Battle Royale Release Date
Image Credit: SuperGaming

Indus Battle Royale is your typical BR game but its first impressions in playtests have impressed a majority of players. It took inspiration from real gun tests to add horizontal/vertical recoil.

Next-gen vehicles such as Indus Hover Bike gives authenticity to the virtual gameplay. Indus also has HD graphics that compete with BR giants like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile.

Here is everything to know about Indus Battle Royale.

Indus – Made in India Battle Royale release date

Indus Battle Royale will hit be available on Android and IOS devices in India on August 15, 2023. It will also be released in certain other countries in the USA such as New York’s Times Square. Pre-registrations are currently open for the upcoming BR game.

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Gameplay for Indus is similar to Apex Legends with each character boasting unique passives. However, the best part about it is its small map called Virlok. Super Gaming promised that their next project will have fast-paced action combined with next-gen physics to allow incredibly smooth gameplay.

Indus Battle Royale classes and guns

In Indus BR, players take on the role of Mythwalkers. They are a diverse set of individuals from across the galaxy that have been recruited by COVEN, a powerful crime syndicate consisting of the most powerful and influential people from the galaxy.

It seems that the Battle Royale in Virlok is organised by COVEN which owns Mythwalkers. So far, only a few characters belonging to the Mythwalker status have been revealed by the game’s official website. Each will have a unique ability:-

  • Null
  • Adya
  • Void
  • Big Gaj
  • Sir Taj
  • Adam

There are seven types of guns in the Indus Battle Royale:-

  • Judgement: Semi-automatic hand cannon with an extending barrel
  • Vantage: A long-range sniper rifle. Highest damage per bullet
  • Kismet CS 10: A semi-automatic combat shotgun with a high damage output.
  • Tempest CFA: Boasts the highest rate of fire
  • V-Fury: A sub-machine gun with low recoil and handling issues
  • A27 Locust: Assault rifle termed “jack of all trades” for its ammo capacity + damage
  • Devastator: Light machine gun with high-powered rounds
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What is Cosmium in Indus Battle Royale?

Cosmium is a “unique substance of unknown origins” with the floating islands of Indus being its only source. It seems to be an item similar to the Upgrade Chips in Call of Duty Mobile that upgrades the Class of a player in CODM. Cosmium will seemingly be used to increase the passive abilities of a character such as Null or Void.

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