Best Recoil Control Tips for Call of Duty Mobile

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Call of Duty Mobile is a competitive multiplayer shooting game that requires a tactical mind, fast reflexes, and pinpoint accuracy. While the former two aspects can be developed naturally as players get accustomed with the gameplay, accuracy needs to be honed. Controlling recoil and aiming for the head becomes key factors in the game that … Read more

What are Class Chips in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale?

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One of the distinguishing elements of Call of Duty Mobile from other Battle Royale games is its class system. Players get unique passives based on the profession and class they choose. While some abilities can let the player make decoys or be invisible, others can disrupt the enemy’s radar, movement, and even their special abilities. … Read more

5 Best Battle Royale Classes in Call of Duty Mobile

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Battle Royale is one of the most competitive multiplayer modes in Call of Duty Mobile. Players scatter across the map and try to survive till the end. Unlike in other modes, they have unique abilities that can them an advantage when activated at the right time and in the right situation. Season 7 saw changes … Read more

5 Ways To Defeat Campers in Call of Duty Mobile?

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Building fights in Call of Duty Mobile is common. Both parties get ample options for cover or retreat. However, the tide changes when an opponent launches a surprise attack after hiding in a certain position for minutes. You must be cautious, attentive, and skillful to obtain an advantage in such close-quarters fighting. Camping in any … Read more