How To Get Withered Mask in Dawnlands?

Obtaining a Withered Mask in Dawnlands is necessary to fight Kenda in the first Chapter. The task comes under the main story mission called ‘Watch Out’, telling players to sanctify the totems in the monster camp. Navigate to the location as directed on the map or the floating orb near you.

Early preparation is required to get Withered Mask in Dawnlands. Craft either Bows and Arrows or a Club to fight the Goblin Bombers, Grass Slimes, and Boars protecting the area. Keep in mind that engaging them head-on will likely result in a defeat so pick them off one by one until you reach the entrance of the fenced camp.

Collect the Withered Mask from sanctifying the totem in the middle of the monster camp

After successfully defeating all the guardians, you will find a large treasure chest in the middle of the camp. Behind the chest will be a wooden statue (totem) radiating a dark aura. Get closer to it and click Sanctify to purify the area and get rid of the monsters. You will also notice that the aura surrounding the chest has vanished.

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Sanctifying the region will gain you the Withered Mask. You can also obtain rare items after opening the treasure chest such as Obsidian Dust, Flaming Arrow, and Garland of Tempered Stamina. If you are playing Single Player Adventure, the next mission will be to break the seal and fight Kenda.

How to get Withered Mask in Dawnlands Multiplayer World?

Each player residing in a particular world must have a Withered Mask so that the entire group can challenge Kenda. Unfortunately, only one mask can be obtained by sanctifying the totem from the default/directed monster camp. The next camp has to be found by players on their own.

There is a camp directly behind the first camp although it requires a lengthy distance to cover. The process remains the same – defeat the monsters guarding the camp, sanctify the totem, and collect items from the treasure chest. The chest can be opened by any player and isn’t limited to the one who sanctified the place.

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