Is Breaking Bad Coming To Fortnite

Fortnite has done a lot of crossovers, bringing popular characters into the game and I’ll tell you, there are not many games where you’ll see Superman in a brawl with John Wick, but Epic Games has managed to make it possible.

One of the most requested crossovers Fortnite players have been requesting is Breaking Bad. There’s been rumors that characters from that franchise could be joining Fortnite, but the collaboration still remains to be seen. If you’re wondering what Breaking Bad characters could be joining the Fortnite multiverse anytime soon, here’s everything we know so far.

Epic Games recently added Gustavo Fring to their recent survey and you may be wondering who Gustavo is? Gustavo Fring is one of the most popular characters in Breaking Bad and he’s a businessman who maintains a positive public image; however, behind the scenes, he’s a ruthless drug kingpin.

Is Breaking Bad Coming To Fortnite?

Breaking Bad Fortnite
Image Credit: Twitter (@hxzsh)

Over the years, players have been waiting for characters such as Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Gustavo Fring to be character skins they can purchase in Fortnite.

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In a previous Fortnite skin poll conducted by Epic Games, they included Walter White as a potential upcoming skin. This seemingly indicates their consideration for a Breaking Bad crossover. These surveys are held once in a few months, and as time has passed, some character skins that were listed have already made their way into the multiverse.

breaking bad in fortnite
Image Credit: Twitter (@hxzsh)

However, there is no official confirmation of a Breaking Bad crossover. Nonetheless, the possibility of collaboration between the two cannot be dismissed. Fans will need to cross their fingers and keep participating in the poll process when Epic Games releases the next Breaking Bad character skin poll.

Sony Pictures presently owns the rights to Breaking Bad, who is no stranger to Fortnite. Given that they own the rights to Breaking Bad, it’s highly plausible that a crossover is in the works.

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In the meantime, there’s still going to be rumors until Epic Games confirms the crossover and that’s all you need to know about Breaking Bad in Fortnite as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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