How To Get Altaria in Pokemon Go?

One of the fondly remembered characters from the Hoenn region, Altaria was the first Pokemon that Ash faced in the Sky High Gym Battle against Winona. The Humming Pokemon made its Mega debut in 2021 during the Community Day Classic, boasting a CP of over 3000, although it has more application in 1500- CP capped Great League.

Altaria is a dual Dragon/Fairy Pokemon that evolves from Swablu. It is one of the key Dragon types in the meta due to its access to Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse, with Fairy moves live Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam chipped in for a Fairy-type coverage. In this article, we will check the two ways to get Altaria in Pokemon Go.

By evolving Swablu in Pokemon Go

Swablu needs 400 Candy to evolve into Altaria. This may seem a daunting task but trainers can use the Buddy Pokemon feature to make things easier. Swablu is among the rare Pokemon that belong in the 1 KM list. Moreover, the distance required to earn a Candy can be shortened if the Swablu you want to evolve becomes a Best Buddy, giving you an additional advantage in battles and collecting souvenirs.

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Trainers can also take advantage of certain bonuses during events such as 1/2 Buddy Distance which stacks with the Best Buddy benefits. Swablu will be ready to evolve in no time. Make sure to get a Swablu with a decent IV and use the CP Calculator to access if the Pokemon will surpass the 1500 mark or not.

By completing Mega Altaria Raids in Pokemon Go

The last Mega Altaria Raid in Pokemon Go was held from Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 to Thursday, June 1st, 2023. Players that want to participate in it may have to wait a while, given that the August Raid schedule is stacked with legendaries.

Optimal raid counters for Mega Altaria include Ice-, Steel-, Poison-, and Fairy-type attacks. Given that the Raid Boss sports a massive CP of 34,320, a minimum of five experienced trainers with the best countering movesets are required to defeat it. Altaria’s Mega form is unlocked with 200 Mega Energy.

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Players that successfully defeat a Mega Altaria Raid Boss will get Mega Energy and encounter the Humming Pokemon in the following CP ranges:-

  • No weather boost: 1081 – 1145 CP.
  • Rainy/Windy weather boost when being caught: 1352 – 1432 CP.

Shiny Altaria is also available in Pokemon Go. It has a golden appearance compared to the usual blue.

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