Escape From Tarkov: Bad Habit Quest Guide

Bad Habit is one of the quests in Escape from Tarkov that was given to you by Mechanic. Similar to other quests like the Extortionist quest in Bad Habit you need to find and collect a variety of cigarettes during the raid and return them to NPC called Mechanic.

If you’re getting confused in the Bad Habit quest then don’t worry, Here in this article, we compose a helpful guide that comes in handy for you to know where are all the cigarettes in the raid along with other useful information.

How To Complete Bad Habit Quest In Escape from Tarkov

In order to start the Bad Habit quest in Escape from Tarkov, you need to visit the NPC named Mechanic. He will offer you this quest in which you need to find and collect different types of cigarettes.

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Following are the objectives that you need to complete in order to finish the Bad Habit quest.

bad habit quest escape from tarkov
wilston cigarettes tarkov
  1. Find and Collect 5 Malbroo Cigarettes
  2. Find and Collect 5 Strike Cigarettes
  3. Find and Collect 5 Wilston Cigarettes
  4. Give all Cigarettes to Mechanic

If you’re thinking this is the easiest quest to complete in Escape from Tarkov, Well you must know that the Wilston Cigarettes are one of the rarest to find during the raid. However, in this guide, we help you to know where you find without having much hassle.

You needed to search for bags, jackets (blue and brown in color), and cabins mostly you will find cigarettes on the jacket. In order to collect 5 pcs of different varieties of cigarettes you need to search the building with multiple rooms and hopefully, you find all the cigarettes without having much hassle.

In last as I said, finding Wilston Cigarettes is a kind difficult task because it’s rare to find during the raid. Well, you can craft Wilston Cigarettes in Nutrition Unit Level 2 by utilizing 1 Apollo Soyuz cigarette, and a 42nd Signature Blend English Tea.

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Once you gathered all 15 Cigarettes look for the safe extraction point and give them to the Mechanic to complete the quest.


  • +6700 XP
  • 315 Euros
  • +0.02 reputation with Mechanic
  • Glock 18C 9×19 machine pistol
  • 300x 9x19mm Tgzh

This is sum up for this guide for more similar quest guides such as Chemical Part 1 or minibus and more do refer to our Escape from Tarkov guides.