Is God of War Ragnarok Coming To Xbox? Explained

The god of Ragnarok is an action-adventure story based on Norse mythology and it is a sequel to the god of war, the game was released in November 2022. The game is developed by Santa Monica Studios and published by Sony interactive entertainment. The game was released worldwide only on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

God of war 2018 is not available on Xbox consoles. Many users are confused about whether the god of Ragnarok will be published for the Xbox consoles. Many scammers on online sites claim that they have the god of Ragnarok Xbox available and scam gamers.

Here we discussed whether we can get the god of war Ragnarok Xbox version.

When can we expect the release of the god of Ragnarok Xbox?

The thing is the God of Ragnarok PlayStation, an exclusive game. That means the game is only available for the PlayStation consoles, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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The GoW Ragnarok won’t be announced for the Xbox series X|S, or Xbox one. It will only be available on the PlayStation as of now. God of War, which was released in 2018, is still not available for any Xbox consoles. Though god of war 2018 is available on the PC, windows.

God of war Ragnarok Xbox game pass

The game god of war Ragnarok will not be available on the Xbox console so it won’t be available on the Xbox game pass.

For the Xbox console user to experience the game they have to play god of war Ragnarok only on PlayStation. There are chances that the game will soon be available on PC’s. The Xbox console users can experience the game also on the PC’s when they arrive. Until then there is no other option for Xbox users.

The god of war Ragnarok PlayStation exclusive

The god of war Ragnarok PlayStation is published by sony interactive entertainment. GoW Ragnarok is a PlayStation-exclusive game. The game won’t be able to be downloaded or purchased from another source or any other source than the PlayStation.

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The god of war Ragnarok Xbox version won’t be able to download from any online source. Though the PlayStation exclusive game God of war Ragnarok may be available for PC’s soon.

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