What is Soul Heart and How To Use It in Dark and Darker?

Searching for a guide to know what is Soul Heart and how to use it in Dark and Darker then you’re on the correct platform. Here we cover all the information related to the Soul Heart and how you can use it in the Dark and Darker without having an issue.

The Dark and Darker are one of the new games introduced by IRONMACE more important the game comes with lots of dungeons with lots of powerful enemies and valuable loot that waiting for you. There are lots of new players and pop-ins in the game because of the game alpha test.

But most of the players do not know much about the game machines and features. Such as Soul Heart what is it and how you can use it in the game.

How To Use Soul Heart in Dark and Darker?

The Soul Heart is an in-game item in Dark and Darker that allows you to revive your dead friend in the game again. Mainly whenever your teammate dies in the Dark and Darker you need to collect their Soul Heart from their body along with other loot.

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You can easily do that by simply looting your dead friend’s chest armor and other items that also includes the Soul Heart. Once you collect the Soul Heart from your friend’s body now in order to revive him you will need to find the Altar of Sacrifice.

Mainly it was located in the lower level of the dungeons in Dark and Daker. Make sure to visit the Altar of Sacrifice with Soul Heart and some of your health after completing the ritual your friend will come back into the game without gears.

soul heart dark and darker
soul heart dark and darker

More importantly, when you’re performing the ritual make sure there are no enemies nearby because the ritual will take some time to complete.

If you cannot able to find the Altar of Sacrifice and die without reviving your friend this means you are both dead. Now there is no back to bring back your friend into the game.

So if you are able to revive your friend using the Soul Heart in the Altar of Sacrifice then lastly make sure to protect your friend from enemies until your friend gets any gear to fight.

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The Dark and Darker is a beta testing game available for Windows PC.

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