Is Rebirth Coming Back To Warzone 1 or Warzone 2

Are you bummed about Rebirth Island not being part of the Warzone franchise? With the increase in rumors, fans have wondered if this map will make a comeback. I will answer this question in this article.

Rebirth Island is one of the several maps in the Warzone franchise. It was initially released in December 2020. After its release, the map’s popularity increased, attracting many players and becoming the most popular map in the game.

This map was part of the first game in the franchise, Warzone 1. It was a fan-favorite map. But the map was removed in Warzone 1, and after the release of the second game installment, Warzone 2, the map wasn’t released there.

Why was the Rebirth Island Removed from Warzone 1?

is rebirth coming back to warzone one
Image via Activision

Despite being the fan-favorite map, Rebirth Island was removed from the franchise on November 16, 2022. That was the same day Warzone 2 was released. Fortune’s Keep, another Popular small map in the game, was also removed alongside Rebirth Island.

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There aren’t any official reasons from Activision why Rebirth Island was removed from Warzone 1. However, here are a few possibilities for why it was removed:

  • Warzone 2 was being released at that time with a new map called Al-Mazrab, which is larger than Rebirth Island, so it is possible it was released so the players could focus on new maps.
  • They might’ve removed it because there would’ve been two maps with the name Rebirth Island so that it would avoid confusion for the players.
  • Warzone 2 is expected to have a lot of new content, including new weapons and more. They might have removed the app to make room for new content.

Is Rebirth Island Returning To Warzone 1?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Rebirth Island will make a comeback to Warzone 1 Caldera, as Revival has not been featured in the game since November 2022. The original game only featured one map: the 150-player Caldera location. The team is focusing on Warzone 2.

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Furthermore, another sad news for the Warzone 1 Caldera players is that the servers will be taken offline on September 21, 2023. This makes it even less likely that the developers will return the map before then. So don’t hope for this to happen.

There is also no official news that indicates that the developers are going to bring Rebirth Island to Warzone 2. But there might be a very slim possibility that it is due to its popularity. The developers are right now focusing on bringing new experiences to the game.

That’s all about the return of Rebirth Island in the Warzone franchise.