How to Pet Wolf in Fortnite?

Epic Games Fortnite introduces the ability to tame animals in Chapter 2 Season 6, commonly known as Primal. Wildlife of various kinds behaves, functions, and serves varied purposes. Most types of Wildlife may be tamed to serve as an ally in battle or as a trusted steed. Epic Games has accomplished a great deal with the new Chapter. Some of them are terrestrial animals, while others are marine creatures.

How to find and pet Wolves in Fortnite

Because the violent wolves will attack you as soon as they detect you, discovering and caressing Wolves is a dangerous effort. 

To Pet Wolves in Fortnite, users must first locate them Here are Fortnite Season 3 Wovles spawning locations. Wolves may be found on the west side of the map, exclusively in the outdoor region. Here’s where you can locate them:

Fortnite Wolf Locations
Image via Epic Games / Gameinstants
  • The Citadel
  • Frenzy Fields
  • Breakwater Bay
  • Shattered Slabs

Petting Wolves is a dangerous task, but once tamed, they may be a player’s best ally; they are most useful in solo modes, but can perform miracles in group types as well. If you see one, the first way is to leap on it from a great height. However, if even one pixel is missing, the wolf will be alerted, culminating in an all-out battle with the beast.

How to Pet Wolf in Fortnite Season 4
Image via Epic Games / Comrad3s (YouTube)
  • Find and kill other animals to get meat.
  • Put this meat down and then run the other way.
  • You can approach a Wolf safely after it becomes preoccupied with the meat.
  • To ‘tame’ the Wolf, press and hold the command button
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Players may climb up steep terrain once mounted, which is something that vehicles are not designed to perform. While it is a simple task, it also helps to build a bond between you and your pet and that’s how to pet wolves in Fortnite as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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