Is There A Shiny Sableye in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go’s cult following has not only been fascinated by the idea of completing their Pokedex but also capturing rare Pokemons in their journey. While Legendaries are obtainable almost every week during Raids, the true ‘collector spirit’ is invoked by the chase for the Shinies.

Shiny Pokemon don’t give trainers a distinctive edge in battle. They are purely cosmetic. Nonetheless, trainers use different methods to catch ’em all as they are aesthetically pleasing and make the Pokemon stand out from the rest of the versions.

Shiny Sableye and its rarity in Pokemon Go

pokemon go shiny sableye
image via gameinstants

Pokemon Go Dark Flames Event is one of the rare occasions in which a Shiny Pokemon has debuted alongside its Mega form. Shiny Sableye is obtainable in Pokemon Go and it is a must-have for collectors who prefer to flaunt the skins of their Pocket Monster.

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Normal versions of Sableye have a dark purple body with a red jewel on its navel. In its Shiny form, the Ghost and Dark-type has a striking gold appearance with a green jewel on its navel. According to, the odds of getting a Shiny Sableye have increased from 1/500 to 1/123 during the ongoing Dark Flames Event.

How to catch a Shiny Sableye in Pokemon Go?

Encountering a Shiny Sableye in the wild is relatively easier than the rest in the three-day Dark Flames Event. Although, trainers still need to strategize their hunting plans. They can either choose to capture one in the wild or keep an eye on the Mega Raids or both.

Sableye has a boosted spawn rate in Foggy weather. After finding the right place, use a Lure Module on a Pokestop to attract more wild Pokemon. Incense can be simultaneously used to attract Pokemon of a certain type. It is recommended to stock up on Great Balls as well as Razz Berries and Nanab Berries before the hunt.

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Trainers can also obtain a Shiny Sableye in the Mega Raids. In general, Shinies are believed to have a spawn rate of 5% or 1/20 during the battle for Mega stones. Fairy-type Pokemons deal double damage to Mega Sableye, thus a minimum party of five trainers with over 2500 CP Fairy types are required for the Raid.

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