Jacko Pose Meme, Explained – What is the Jack’O Pose?

The Jack Pose, or Jack-O-Crouch is one of the funniest and weirdest memes on the internet as of now. The Jack Pose is a pose that belongs to a female character in a game called Guilty Gear; it has gone viral worldwide.

The meme is an old thing in the game and the most frequently used. But it’s still a famous and loved meme. A lot of people who don’t play the game are wondering what it is and why it is such a favorite meme.

In this article, I will explain the Jacko Pose Meme and its meaning. So keep reading to find the meaning if you need clarification.

Meme Jacko Pose
jacko pose

The Jack’O Pose Background

The Jack O Pose first came out in 2019. Back then, very few people used this meme, and few wanted to resurrect this pose. This pose belongs to the female character, Jack-O-Valentine, the most attractive Woman in the game Guilty Gear.

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This pose came up during her crouch animation. This was a very different and unique pose, and characters are not expected to do such a pose; that’s why it attracted so much attention and became a meme. 

The Jack’O Pose Meme 

Everyone on the internet was recreating the pose. The real people were doing it as a meme, and many people adapted it to other games and TV series Characters and posted their memes online. Almost all the characters were doing the Jack O Pose in 2019. This meme was liked by many as it was both sexy and fun. 

It was so sensational that the Guilty Gear game appealed to many new players. The game got more people who didn’t even know about the game before started playing it because of this pose only. 

This trend has resurfaced, so now I hope all your queries and confusions have been cleared so you can enjoy these memes too!

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