Jamiko Vaughn: Fact About Warren Sapp’s ex-wife

Warren Sapp is the American Football Player. Everyone knows about Warren Sapp, but few know about his personal life. Who is his ex-wife? I have collected data from forums, articles, and interviews. 

Warren Carlos Sapp is an American former professional football player. He was the defensive tackle in the Nation Football League. He was also part of the Las Vegas Raiders and the Defensive Tackle. 

Warren Sapps ex wife
Jamiko Vaughn

Who is Jamika Vaughn?

Jamika Vaughn is a celebrity wife. She is famously known as the ex-wife of the former American NFL player Warren Sapp. Her birthplace, birthdate, parents’ name, or any early life personal information is hidden, and she keeps her personal life private and away from the internet. 

She rose to fame when she married Warren Sapp. Her career is unknown. She got married to Warren Sapp in 1998. The couple has two children together. Warren was caught cheating on her wife during their relationship alot of times. Jamika Vaughn filed for divorce nine years after her marriage in 2007. The couple got divorced the same year.

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Warren has Six kids, of which only two are from his wife Jamika, and the rest are from other women. Warren pays all of his kid’s child-support payments.

Jamika Vaughn and her kids now

Jamika has two kids with Warren Sapp:

  • Mercedes Sapp born in 1998 
  • Warren Carlos Sapp II born in 2000

Warren, like his father, has a great interest in American Football. He started playing football in high school, earning him a scholarship at Florida Atlantic University. Mercedes Warren’s older sister is also an athlete and has an interest in Soccer and plays for the University of South Florida.

Jamika and her two children are currently residing in Windermere, Florida. Neither Jamika nor Warren married anyone else after their marriage and are living their respective lives separately. 

That is all for the ex-wife of the American football player Warren Sapp. I hope you got all your answers in this article.