Who is Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi: Pelé and his first wife and more

Pele, the famous ex-Brazillian footballer, is known as one of the legends of football history what about this man’s personal life? Who is his first wife? How many times has he been married? Learn that and more in this article. 

Edson Aeantes do Nascimento, famously known by his nickname “Pele,” was a Brazilian Professional Football Player. He is known as the greatest player of all time. He was also the Brazilian sports minister for a few years.

Pele has been married thrice his first wife was Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi. They were married for more than two decades but eventually got divorced. They both have three children together. 

Who is Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi?

Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi
Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi

Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi is known as a celebrity wife. She is the ex-wife of the Brazilian footballer Pele. Rosemeri’s birth or early life information is not available online, and she has kept it private. 

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Pele and Rosemeri met each other in Brazil and decided to give their love a name and get married in 1966.  They welcomed their first child, a daughter, on January 13, 1967: Kelly Cristina.

Their second child was born on August 27, 1970: Edson Cholbi do Nascimento. He is a Brazilian football coach. Edhino was a former Goalkeeper for the Brazilian national team. Pele and Rosemeri moved to the United States after their son was born. 

But they were reunited in the next few years. And they had their third child, a second daughter, Jennifer Nascimento, in 1978.

Why did Pele and Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi get divorced?

Rosemeri complained about Pele having an affair outside their marriage. Pele’s infidelity is unacceptable he has a child outside his marriage with Rosemeri. This kept the couple apart from each other. 

Pele married Flavia Kurtz and had a child with Flavia Kurtz in 1968. He did not acknowledge her, but he changed his mind. He was also involved with Xuxa Meneghel, a teenage television presenter. They ended their relationship in 1986. 

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