Junimo Hut Building Guide | Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has lots of tasks or challenges that player needs to complete to level up in the game. Since the release the developer frequently adds new content into the game to keep player engaged. In the 1.5 patch update there are lots of new content in Stardew Valley that you can complete one of the contents that may confuse lots of players is Junimo Hut.

It was the late game content in which you need to build a hut in your farm that make your life easier. The Junimo Hut was used to automatically harvest the crops form your farm. Wondering how to build this and how it works. Here we featured a complete guide of Junimo Hut that may be helpful for you.

junimo hut
junimo hut

How To Build Junimo Hut in Stardew Valley

First of all, you need to unlock the Junimo Hut in order to build you can easily do that by completing the Wizard quest. After completing all bundles of Community Center simply go to the Bathhouse where you will get the new quest called Dark Talisman that also has second quest within it called Goblin Problem.

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Once you complete Dark Talisman and Goblin Problem the Wizard will give you the access of its new tools that you can use to build certain budlings. Once you have access to the new tools you need following items to build the Junimo Hut.

  • 20,000g
  • 200 Stone
  • 9 Starfruit
  • 100 Fiber

How Junimo Hut Works

The Junimo Hut is auto crops collector that covers 17×17 space from the gate of the hut, you can use 8 huts in each direction. More importantly each morning the three Junimos will start harvesting the crops until all crops are harvested. But if you go to bed at early before they finish harvesting then all crops will not be harvested. So, make sure to go to bed at late to increase the spawn rate of the crops.

The Junimos will harvest the crops within the hut you will see a bag in front of the hut. Make sure not interact with bag directly you can interact with any part of the hut to collect the crops.

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This is end of this guide for more similar content do read our Stardew Valley Guide.