Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform (2024)

Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform, The answer to this question is not easy to tell. Rain Six Siege is a game that has been in the gaming industry for over seven years. It’s also one of the most popular games out there, with millions of people all around the world playing it.

One question that is often asked about this game is whether or not it can be played across different platforms. We’ll answer this question and others in today’s blog post!

Rainbow six siege is a game that was first released in 2015, and it quickly became the most popular game out there.

The first couple of seasons were launched a year after its release, and since then more updates have been coming out. In total, there are around 40 million players that play this game every single day, and it’s been featured in almost every gaming event around the world. But the questions remain can someone play Rainbow Six Siege as a cross play? Read the complete information below.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform?

The answer is Yes, Rainbow Six Siege is cross-platform supported which means you can Rainbow Six Siege as cross-play with your friends. For instance, if you’re playing Rainbow Six Siege on the PlayStation console and your friend is playing the same game on the Xbox console. Then you both can able to play together.

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However, there are some limitations to this feature means cross-platform is not supported by all gaming platforms. For example, PlayStation users cannot able to play this game with PC users or the Xbox user cannot able to play Rainbow Siz Siege with PC users.

In case you’re playing Rainbow Six Siege on Windows PC then you can join with Stadia if both the player on the same server.

The same goes for the PS4 and PS5 users both Playstation users can play Rainbow Six Siege cross-platform without having a hassle. Similarly, the Xbox user can also able to play Six Sige with PlayStation users.

What Does Cross-Platform Mean?

Cross-platform gaming is a term that is used to describe a game that can be played on different platforms. This means that you could be playing the game on your PS4, and someone else could be playing it on their Xbox. It’s becoming more and more popular nowadays as people are looking for ways to play their favourite games on the go.

Rainbow Six Siege

How To Turn off Cross-Play in Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re playing with friends on a different platform and don’t want them to be able to join your game, there is an option available to disable cross-play. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Rainbow Six Siege
  2. Go to the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon
  3. Go to the general sections.
  4. Scroll down to “crossplay mismatching”
  5. Uncheck to turn it to off, then move to Crossplay Communication and turn it off too.
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Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross Progression

No, the Rainbow Six Siege is not Cross Progression means you cannot able to save your character data online. But if you’re switching from Xbox One to Xbox Series X then you can able to transfer the character data this game goes for the PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5.

Rainbow Six Siege cross generation

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Rainbow Six Siege cross-platform:

Is Rainbow Six Siege cross-generation?

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege is cross-generation. This means that if you’re playing on an older console, such as an Xbox 360 or PS Vita, you can still play with someone who’s on a newer console.

Is Rainbow Six Siege available for free?

Rainbow Six Siege is currently $29 .99 USD to purchase. It’s also part of Ubisoft’s “free weekend” promotion right now, so you can try it out before buying! If you enjoy playing the game, you might want to invest in the Year Pass. This will give you access to all of the upcoming DLCs for a discounted price.

How do I disable cross-play in Rainbow Six Siege?

To disable cross-play in Rainbow Six Siege, follow these steps: Open the Rainbow Six Siege settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen. > Go to General, and scroll down until you find “Crossplay Mismatching”. > Uncheck the box to turn it off, then move down to Crossplay Communication and do the same.

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Can I play with friends who are using another platform?

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege is cross-platform compatible at this time. You can play the game across Xbox One and PlayStation. You can play with a friend who is on the same console without a hassle.

What is cross-progression?

Cross-progression means that your progress will be saved on Ubisoft’s servers, so you can continue playing with the same character on any platform. This includes PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation


Rainbow Six Siege is a great game that has many benefits for those who play on consoles as well as PC.

The gameplay is intense and can be quite addictive, so make sure you have plenty of time to play before you begin. If you’re looking for a great game to play with friends on the console, Rainbow Six Siege is definitely one of our top recommendations!

Don’t forget that if you have any other questions about Rainbow Six Siege, please leave us a comment below! We’ll be sure to help out as much as possible. Thanks for reading and happy gaming.

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