Where to find Swarm of Flies in Elden Ring

There are lots of sorcery spells that player can use in Elden Ring but player needs to complete the quest or defeat the boss to get thier on these spells. But there is one spell that player can collect without completing any quest or defeating the boss.

The Swarn of Files is one of the offensive spells that you can collect in Elden Ring. Mainly most of the spells are located in the Lands Between. But the Swarn of Files Incantation can be looted from the Mohgwyn Palace.

Here we featured a guide that covers where to find Swarm Files Incantation in Elden Ring along with other useful information.

swarm flies elden ring
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You can loot the Swarm of Files incantation near the site of grace in Mohgwyn Palace. There are two ways to reach the Mohgwyn Palace. Either you can use the teleporter at the Yelough Anix Ruins at the Consecrated Snowfield or you can use the Pureblood Knight’s Medal that you need to get after completing the White-Faced Varre questline.

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The easiest way to get Mohgwyn Palace is using the teleporter you need to travel fom the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance and move in the northeast direction until the gaint sekelton spawn from there you need to go to the southeast direction pass through the blood river.

Go around gaint rock and you find the cave with few copes at the end of the cave you will find the Swarm of Files incantation as shown in the above screenshot.

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