Kevin Durant, Rumored to Be the Father of Lana Rhoades Baby

Kevin Durant has straightforwardly shared why he has decided to put off raising a family. Before becoming a father, he made it clear that he wants to first prioritize his profession and keep his focus on making himself better.

In addition, he doesn’t intend to impose any pressure on his kids to choose to play basketball the same way as he does.

He considers that being a parent comes with great responsibility, and he is not ready to commit. He is not currently rushing to become a dad any time soon when he thinks he is ready to take that responsibility, he will think about it then.

I have prepared an article below, where you can learn more about the relationship between Lana Rhodes and Kevin Durant. So stay tuned.

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lana rhoades baby podcast

Lana Rhoades and her date with “Kevin Durant.”

In her recent Lana Rhoades baby podcast show, former adult movie star Lana Rhoades revealed that she once went on a date with the popular NBA star Kevin Durant.

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She did not take his name, but the traits she revealed matched the NBA star completely. She also said that the person with whom she went on a date was a libra; the only libra in the Brooklyn Nets team was Kevin.

She recalled the date night to be a disastrous one. There was hardly any conversation between the two. She also revealed that her date treated her friends terribly and brought a girl as a backup plan for him in case Rhoades decided to get rid of him.

She also made shocking news of her being pregnant later and going through an abortion, generating rumours of her and the NBA star being in an illicit affair.