The Laser Scope in Risk of Rain 2 [Explained]

Risk of Rain 2 has multiple characters and many new characters were added. you can choose the character and equip the weapons to win. So here we are discussing the laser scope and the survivors.

Recently, In the Risk of Rain 2, a new item was added Laser Scope. If you want to hit the critical hits every time there are no other survivors than railgunner. Railgunner is the best sniper survivor in ror2. But the problem is with the laser scope, players did not get comfortable with closed-range enemies. The laser scope is equipped with the railgunner.

When you use the railgunner with the laser scope it can make strong impacts on enemies. Although, laser scope does not get along with every weapon. If you have the laser scope, railgunner, and a sniper it’s easy as pie. If you are in a closed range with enemies, a railgunner can use a concussion device that pushes enemies away and helps you hit perfectly.

What is Laser Scope on Risk of Rain 2?

laser scope risk of rain 2
laser scope risk of rain 2

When you equip the railgunner along with the laser scope the damage increase. With laser scope, the 100% crits add on railgunner. In the risk of rain laser scope is the only item that increases the critical damage.

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Suppose you have two laser scopes then you would have the 200% bonus critical damage. Further, the crits of laser scope risk of rain 2 do double damage, so overall damage will multiply. The laser scope in Risk of Rain 2 with the railgunner working sparkly.

Railgunner has the ability like can get a random critical strike. Railgunner can get you high critical damage when you hit the weak points of enemies. If you are a good sniper and your survivor can shoot the weak point of enemies then there is no other better option than laser scope and railgunner sniper.

Other Equipment You Can Utilize with Laser Scope

With laser scope, survivors other items that can help you to reach more crit in Risk of Rain 2. You just have to try and explore more and more options to get higher and bonus damage. You don’t need to mash up all things. Here we listed some of the other items which you can use.

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Lens Makers glass

To boost your damage by laser scope try lens makers glass. Lens makers glass is one of the critical items which you find easily. Your survivors will get a 10% critical chance. Snipers like railgunner can effectively use the lens makers’ glass and laser scope.

Harvester Scythe

Harvester scythe can help your survivor to heal. With every hit, the harvester scythe can get your survivor’s 5% critical chance health level to 8 times your crit. If you don’t like to play defensively and play aggressively. Every attack and clits can heal you. Other than any other healing source, the harvester scythe helps you to crit more and heal too.

With laser scope and with railgunner, on every sniper shot you can hit on enemies from far with a laser scope and harvester scythe.

Irradiant Pearl

You can have the irradiant pearl by converting a lunar item into the boss item. With the irradiant pearl, your survivors can get you a 20% chance of dropping and buffs health, critical chance, movement speed, health regen, damage, and attack. The crits you can get through irradiant pearl are equivalent to two lens makers’ glass. This item can boost your crit with laser scope but it’s hard to get,

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Predatory Instincts

When you crit with predatory instincts it gives your survivor temporary attack speed. Predatory instincts can get you 5% crit and 12% temporary attack speed. With laser scope and predatory instincts, you can get additional crit from lens makers’ glass.

This can help you to get the buff stacked three times and also you can have the 36%tempary bonus speed.


This item can help you to make permit crit with boosts. The shatterspleen can bring a 5% critical hits chance. The crit can get you 2.5 times base damage bleed.


So that’s all about the laser scope. The perfect survivor for laser scope is railgunnner. But it also goes along with melee too. the laser scope can also be paired with other equipment to increase the bleed damage, crit, and other things. The laser scope can help you to crit more damage alone if you have the perfect weapons and survivors.

This is sum up for this guide for more similar content does read our Risk of Rain 2 guide.