Risk of Rain 2 Characters: Top 10 With Specialties (2022)

Risk of Rain 2 Characters: The game has a fabulous collection of characters to play as Here we have a guide complete of all the characters with their abilities based on the specialties for each and how you can unlock them.

The Risk of Rain 2 is a Rouge-like element game a third-person shooter. It’s the second version of Risk of Rain. Moreover, the game is based on fighting with an unknown or mysterious planet among random causing enemies and bosses.

There is ten Risk of Rain 2 characters that you have to choose from and gamers are debated and discussed which is the best character and the worse in the game.

This sequence is way too different compare to the original. Since the game is switched to the 3D version with lots of features and changes that the fan wanted for so long. Here we are going to guide you which character of risk of rain 2 is best and worse.

Risk of Rain 2 Characters

This are some of the best characters of risk of rain 2 that you need to know for getting answers of your questions such as which is the best risk of rain 2 character? or which character is long run survivor and much more?

Here we list some of the best character with their abilities and specialist to be a best melee attacker in the game. All the characters has different attacking skills, Health, Damage including different weapons to take down the bosses and enemies.

The Commando

risk of rain 2 Commando character

It’s a default unlocked character which means every player has to play the game with him to unlock more descendants. The commando is an all-rounder with all the necessary features including wields dual pistols and can roll to dodge incoming damage.

It deals moderate damage including shooting through walls and its Suppressive Fire deals massive damage while stalling enemy movement. This class is outperformed compare to other classes. Most of the players find the commando character tedious and repetitious.

Because all the abilities of this character are extraordinary as what we expect from the default class.


Risk of rain 2 huntress character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

The Huntress is an  staple damage dealer with high DPS and low health and defense. The class of this character remain same in both version of the Risk of Rains.

When it comes to the huntress’s abilities it can fire a bow that fires lighting arrows and a dash to teleports her away from all problems. The secondary skills of the huntress allow her to give high decent AoE damage and get out of the trouble.

As we the health and defence of the huntress are low. The huntress is the most concise base health bar in the complete game. This means the huntress can easily get defeated by enemies. Here firing power and damaging skills all you have for her defence against the enemies.

The Mercenary

Risk of rain 2 Mercenary  character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

Most of the players most likely to play with The Mercenary Character. Who don’t want to play with this character that cut the enemies into the half with his samari sword.

However, the skills and abilities of The Mercenary is not that great compare to other Risk of Rain 2 Characters. But he has high-end damage and mobility specialties. But lack of health to be a melee attacker.

There are certain items and things that makes this character supercities and strong. But it hard to find all the items in the real game in the right time. The gameplay of The Mercenary is quite good and you can experience good time with it but you must have good skills of gaming.

The laser sword Whirlwind specialize in great damage sword attacks with this character you can encounter the closest enemies.


risk of rain 2 mul-t character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

The MUL-T is one of the longest survivors in the game because he has more benefits than he has disadvantages. He can work on both single and coop along with handling two equipment at once to damage the enemies in the close combat.

He can also trasanver the world quickly which is one of the important benefits of this character. Compare to other character expect Engineer he has the massive health and damage skills.

When it comes to damaging the Mul-T can easily switch to raid fire shots or high damage shots which means you can his nail gun as a machine gun or sniper respectively. Moreover, it can also dash toward to get the armour along with speed while fighting with enemies.


risk of rain 2 acrid character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

Acrid is a pestilent beast from the Void Fields. You’ve to complete the task to unlock this character and according to the gamers. It very hard to unlock Acrid Character in the game because its tasks are way too difficult to complete only experience gamers with skills can unlock him.

You must travel to the void fields by the Bazaar within the time and activate all 9 void cells to unlock him.

In terms of Acrid abilities and his venom is impressive and can be used to meltdown the bosses. However, it cannot be harmful and so he struggles with weak enemies. When it comes to damaging and close combat.

The character has high-end armor along with AoE but it does not have the mobility for a melee attacker which makes him fatal in most of the game areas among enimies.


risk of rain 2 artificer character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

The Artificer has massive AoE elemental damage and specializes in dealing with a large group of enemies. This character can be unlocked by the 10 lunar coins in the area of Bazaar Between Time. You can reach this area by completing the teleporter event.

When it comes to the abilities of Artificer. She has high damage skills with flame bolts that set enemies on the fire and charged nano-bombs to deal with AoE damage. Moreover, the Snapfreeze can easily freeze the enemy to death with low health and on other hand, the flamethrower can encounter the group of enemies with the speed of light.


risk of rain 2 rex character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

The Rex is small plant character that fan’s like the most and it way to hard to unlock. The character has the massive damage skills per second compare to all other Risk of Rain 2 Characters.

You the player must have the gaming skills to play with Rex. how to unlock the Rex in Rain of Risk? well the answer is you need to get the fuel array from the starting capsule bring it to Rex in the Abyssal Depths.

The Rex is a high-risk and highly reward brawler. He can use this health (HP) to deal with overwhelming enemy attacks to control or clear them out.

The attacks of the rex can easily slow the enemy’s moving speed and reduce the armour and damage. In long run it hard to tell if Rex can survive to the game end.

The Captain

risk of rain 2 captain character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

The captain is the newest survivor in the risk of rain 2 characters. So there not much about the captain character. To unlock it you have to kill the final boss and beat the game on any difficulty.

Moreover, the kit of the captain is different compare to risk of rain 2 characters. Many players found this character confusing with the skils and abilites.

On other hand, his abilities are situational and have strange use for the normal gameplay. The captain specialties are limited to two usage per stage. When it comes to the attack and damage, he struggle against the fast moving enemies.

The character is useful when you’re playing the multiplayer game. However if you’re playing the solo it don’t recommended by the Risk of Rain 2 players.

The Engineer

risk of rain 2 engineer character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

The Engineer is one of the best risk of rain 2 characters. Because he has more pro’s then he has con’s. He has high damage and durability and you can easily melt the bosses with engineer without having a hassle.

He has the incredible sustain if equipped with some Bustling Fungus. You require strategic position and timing of use of his tools. His sentry turrets can destroy foes outwardly the player ought to aim or focus on them, and they also proc any items.

The Engineer is one of the perfect risk of rain 2 characters if you’re playing the game as solo. There is only disadvantage of The Engineer which is it has poor mobility.

He has the impressive DPS that helps you to take down the bosses and let you survive in the hardest fights. The damage and health are also outstanding that help you to take down enemies in close combat without having a hassle.

The Loader

risk of rain 2 loader character
Risk of Rain 2 Characters

The loader has outfits of the robot including the arms. She has lot of specialistes such as mobility, tanky and much more can take down the bosses easily without having a hassle compare to any other risk of rain 2 characters.

The kit of the loader allows her to be the best for killing the enemies. When it comes to the damage and health the loader is good and you can enemies in close combat with little damage. However all the risk of rain 2 characters shared one weakness which is flying enemies.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

These are some commonly asked question related to the Risk of Rain 2 Characters.

Q: Who is the best character in risk of rain 2?

There are some of the best characters at the risk of rain 2. According to their specialties and survival in the complete game. Here some of the characters – Captain, Engineer, Mercenary and MUL-T.

Q: How do you unlock characters in risk of rain 2?

To unlock the character in the risk of rain 2 you’ve to complete the given tasks. Each character has a different task and once you finish the task the character will be unlocked.

Expect one character, The Commando, because he comes unlocked as default and you’ve to complete the given tasks to unlock other survivors by a commando.

Q: Is risk of rain 2 player 4 players?

The Risk of Rain 2 is a rouge-like game and yes the game supports 4 players in an online multiplayer game.

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Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful to know some of the best risk of rain 2 character according to their specialties and abilities to survive and kill the enemies and last longer in the game.