LOL: Who Is Sevika Arcane Height, Age, Ethnicity

Sevika Arcane: As a fan, the players may know there are two antagonists in season 1 of the Riot games which the gamers may well through the Netflix 2021. but the Sevika is one of the antagonists among the two the antagonists present in the Riot Games.

This riot game is the one the best animated arcane among the all animated arcane have there. This thing the fans may know well as they follow this a Savika of the Riot games. As per the fan’s feedback, the Sevika is the best animated arcane among the whole set of the League in the ‘Legends universe’.

The fans may know the character of the Sevika in the Riot game. They may know that the character of the Sevika has been so successful and as well as the character of the Sevika has become so famous for its criminal empire.

This Sevika has won the heart of the fans by her ‘Silco’s top enforcer’. Not only by the ‘Silco’s top enforce’ the Sevika has also won the love of the fans by the muscle which he has used many times in his operations.

The fans may know that the Sevika has been caught for one time in the Jinx’s explosions. After this Sevika has lost her ‘left arm’. For this loss Sevika has to replace her this left hand with the ‘Shimmer powered cybernetics’.

Sevika has impressed the fans with her flawless acting when she serves as Vi’s rival role. Not only that Sevika has also fought with her lost hand problem. Sevika does this same on many occasions.

If there is any fan who may fail to gain any kind of information about Sevika then there is a good thing for them. Those fans may like to read the below discussion which may lead them to know more about the character of the Sevika.

They may come to know more about Sevika like they may come to know about the real height of Sevika, the age of Sevika, the working efficiency of Sevika and about ethnicity as well and more about Sevika from the Riod game, Arcane. So if there are any interested fans who may want to know about Sevika then they may read this discussion below.

Sevika arcane

Who is Sevika Arcane

The real name of Sevika

The well-known character from the Riod game, arcane the full name is Sevika. Many people may know Sevika by the name of Ogre, Traitor, and by the name Scary lady as well.

The origin of Sevika:

 The main origin of the Sevika is the Arcane. The real fans may know this. This thing may not unknown to the real fans of the Sevika.

The occupation of Sevika:

Sevika may live her life by doing crimes. So in other words her occupation or may her job is Gangstar.

Powers of the Sevika:

The character of Sevika has a power by which she has impressed the fans. This power is her intelligence.

Not only the intelligence she is also has made happy by her techniques of her manipulation, by her techniques of ‘shimmer enhanced augments’. Sevika also has the power of strength and her swordsmanship.

Hobbies of Sevika:

The main hobby of Sevika the fans may know well that she has a bad habit of smoking cigarettes. And as well as one of the most popular bad habits of Sevika is gambling and ‘Upgrading her arm’ which she has lost.

Goals of life of Sevika:

Sevika wants many more things in her life. But all she gets is ignorance from others and the sacrifices. So that is why she has to choose the path of living as a gangster. Though everyone has some goals in their life so Sevika has no other things for them.

Sevika wants to gain independence for the Zaun, she wants to kill the Vander. And in this respect Sevika has got succeeded in its goal. Not on;y this Sevika has a goal of to kill thr Vi and the Caitlyn. Sevika also wants to be Silco and to get rid of the Jinx, but in this case, she has failed.

Crimes did by Sevika:

Sevika has done musrder and not only that her life has led her to do abuse others. Sevika also did smuggling and gambling as well. Sevika was a victim of conspiracy as well. And Sevika has also attached to terrorism also.


The fans may know that character of the Sevika has been seen for the first time in the Vandor’s bar. There Sevika was seen as a customer.

The fan may remember that Sevika was seen there that she was questioning herself for her jobs which she has done or wich she has going to do. That means the criminal jobs which were done by Sevika.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the SEvika Arcane with complete information.

Say something about the role of Sevika

Sevika is a well-known character in the Rio games which is the best animated Arcane among the all animated Arcanes there have. According to the Fans they love the character of the Sevika most.

Not only do they love the character of Sevika, but there is also a great role of Sevika that she has forced them to love the character of Sevika bt her great acting, by her great actions or the enthusiasm for doing this act.

All these things together led the fans to love the character of the Sevika. Sevika has shoed that how to get famous by herself.

Say some hobbies of Sevika which she has shown

The fans may come to know that Sevika has some bad habits as well. The most known bad habit is smoking. She has shown that she loves to smoke cigarettes.

Which too bad. Not only that Sevika has also the habit of gambling. And as Sevika has lost her left hand so she has an artificial hand. So she has a habit to upgrade this artificial hand. Which she used to do in her free time.

This is the end of this guide.

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