Nova Location: Wayward Wolf Quest in Lost Ark (2022)

Wayward Wolf Lost Ark Quest guide is a fun quest that requires searching through an enormous region on the map to find Nova. In this Lost Ark Wayward Wolf quest guide, we will talk to you about some of the main details of the Wayward Wolf quest, including where you can find the locations and how you can go about doing and completing it.

So, let’s get started.

What is Wayward Wolf Quest in Lost Ark?

The Wayward Wolf Quest Guide is an exciting quest wherein you’re had to seek a large vicinity of the map and locate Nova. The Knight Rembrant is seeking out Nova, a womanizer who has seduced a few noblewomen however, the villagers aren’t cooperating with him. It could appear tough to search for Nova because the vicinity proven on the map is massive however, no worries.

In this quest, you are directed to speak to the Knight of Remnant, who is looking for Nova. Make your way through Wayward Wolf’s quest to the Covenant of the Lost Ark, and you will find it quite an enjoyable experience. The first step in earning your wayward wolf Gold will direct you to where you can take on the Wayward Wolf questline.

There is much to do here beyond just the main questline, but one of the new jobs that open up once you clear the South Vern main story has confusing prerequisites.

Wayward Wolf Lost Ark

What is the Location of Wayward Wolf Quest?

To accept the Wayward Wolf Quest, you must go to a particular location, which is Runaways Island. Head towards the island, and you’ll be able to accept the quest. Runaways Island is placed in an exceedingly calm part of the ocean, so locating it must no longer be too difficult, even though you may want to get admission to the delivery first from the Lost Ark.

After arriving at Runaways Island, you have to talk with Knight Rembrant, who is the one looking for Nova. Then, it would help if you continue towards the location of Nova. To locate Nova, there’s no necessity for a fight visit the east aspect of the map at the island, and you’ll locate Nova at the side of a few women.

How to Complete the Wayward Wolf Quest?

Talk to Nova, who will inform you that Count France needs to spend greater time together along with her spouse than losing it on him. Next, you have to move in the direction of Noblewoman Renal. Talk to her in that she can ask you about Nova, “Is he well?” Two options would be given to you for answering this query, referred to below.

He’s well

Ladies surround him

You must choose the option “He’s surrounded through ladies” to finish the quest. So, that is all you want to recognize approximately Wayward Wolf quest.

Once you entire the hunt a few times, you’ll also get hold of the Runaways Island token, which you could change at Oeher, the Lonely Islands. In addition to normal rewards of pirate coins and experience points, you also get Beg to emote, and the quest is part of a quest chain that allows you to receive a Runaways Island token.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do we have to go to accept Wayward Wolf Quest?

The wayward wolf quest can simplest be well accepted in a specific region. You can be given this quest by going to Runaways Island.

Where is Nova located in Lost Ark?

To discover Nova without struggles, head to the Eastern fringe of the map on Runaways Island, where you’ll find Nova and some women. Speak with him, and a part of the search might be completed.

From which location does the Lost Ark belong?

Una’s daily tasks include Where It Belongs. You must go to the adventures tab on the screen’s lower side to accept this task. Also, it needs to be indexed as one of Una’s daily tasks.

How to acquire runaway Island tokens?

Once you complete the quest, sometimes, you may additionally acquire the Runaways Island token, which you may change at Oeher, the Lonely Islands. In addition to ordinary rewards of pirate cash and revel in points, you may get Beg to emote, and the quest is a part of a quest chain that permits the intention to acquire the Runaways Island token.

How to do a Crookcatcher in Lost Ark?

When you discover the Runaways Island and just got effectively docked, it’ll be the right time to enter the Crook Catcher quest of Lost Ark. It’ll show up in Una’s task menu when you press Alt+J.

Players can select their daily and weekly quests, which they need to take, and deciding this on the Crook Catcher lets you begin the quest.

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