Lorna Smith Tyson: Meet Mike Tyson Mother and more

Lorna Smith Tyson is renowned as the mother of the former world champion boxer, Mike Tyson. Born in 1927 in Charlottesville, Virginia, she spent much of her life in Bedford-Stuyvesant at 203 Franklin Avenue. Lorna gained fame for being the mother of the boxing icon and was also a mother to two sons, Mike Tyson and Rodney Tyson, and a daughter named Denise Tyson.

Her Marriage and Family

Lorna Smith Tyson
Lorna Smith Tyson

Legend has it that Lorna Smith fell in love with Parcel Tyson, a Jamaican man, in New York, and they got married. Though Mike Tyson knew Jimmy Kirkpatrick as his biological father, Parcel Tyson is believed to be his real father. Lorna’s three children were an integral part of her life until her passing.

Lorna’s Passing and Legacy

Lorna Smith Tyson tragically passed away from cancer in 1982 when she was just 55 years old. At the time, Mike Tyson was only 16, and her death left a profound impact on him both intellectually and emotionally. In a moving gesture of love and forgiveness, Mike honored his mother with a dignified funeral, even putting her in the most expensive casket.

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Children and Descendants

Lorna’s children continued to cherish her memory even after her passing. Rodney Tyson, the oldest, is a doctor performing operations in Los Angeles, California. He is married to Tammy Tyson, and they have a son together.

Mike Tyson, the boxing legend, is deeply grateful for everything his mother did for him during his formative years. He became one of the greatest boxers in American history and is now happily married with several successful adult children.

Tragically, Denise Tyson, the family’s only daughter, passed away at a young age in 1990. At just 24, she suffered a heart attack and had several complicated medical conditions. Her family mourned deeply for her loss, and she was laid to rest in New Jersey.

Lorna Smith Tyson’s legacy lives on through her children and grandchildren, who carry forward her memory and the impact she had on their lives.