Kleavor in Pokemon Go: New datamine teases the return of the Axe Pokemon

Niantic, the creators of a popular AR-based game, recently reintroduced Heatran and Blastoise with their Legacy Moves. Now it appears they are working on fixing another ‘mon for the game. Belonging to the Galar region, Kleavor made its debut in Pokémon Go on May 6, 2023, during a special event and was featured in Raids.

The Axe Pokemon is no longer available in Raids. It’s not a popular choice for Gym protection, Raid battles, or PvP because of its uncommon dual Rock/Bug typing. Kleavor is vulnerable to Rock-, Steel-, and Water-type attacks, making it an easy victim to Pokemon like Marshtomp, Scrafty, and Skarmory in the Great League.

Given the latest data mine, it seems that Kleavor in Pokemon Go is in line for some tweaks. After all, Scyther’s Galarian form falls vastly behind its counterpart called Scizor.

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Kleavor Pokemon Go

Datamine teases the return of Kleavor in Pokemon Go

PokeMiners revealed that Kleavor, Ledian, and Gholdengo are in the works for a new update. It also mentioned #719, Diancie, which will debut during the Go Fest 2023. This means that the update could roll out in the first week of August, given that the next one is a patch for the Pokemon Go Routes and the availability of Zyagrade Cells.

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Augmented-reality games pioneer Niantic Labs laid off over 25% of its workforce in June this year to implement cost-cutting. It has since re-directed its aim entirely toward Pokemon games amidst the ‘Hear Us Niantic’ Movement. The results have been good so far, with a bunch of new characters introduced in their hit mobile game.

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An analysis of Kleavor in Pokemon Go Leagues

Kleavor can have a total Combat Power of 3557. Its Attack can reach 253 stat, Defense 174, and it has a max HP of 172. As you can see, it has a fragile bulk compared to other Pokemon. However, the main issue is its limited moveset.

The best combo that Kleavor can get is Air Slash and Rock Slide. Due to both moves not being of the same element, it takes time to charge the Main Move and apply shield pressure on PvP opponents. The Rock/Bug type offers nothing special to the trainers despite its unique typing.

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The Axe Pokemon must get a Bug-type Quick Move and a Flying-type Charge Move. Else, it will just be another ‘mon used to fill the Pokedex… that’s all.

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