When Does Meta Quest 3 Coming Out? Release Date 2022

Here that the release date of the Meta Quest 3. Well according to the sources the release of Meta Quest 3 has been postponed to a new date. Learn all about the new date on this short article.

Meta Quest 2: Overview

The meta quest 2 was launched in 2020 and the new version of the meta quest VR will soon be online for sale. The price or any other details are not announced officially. After the quest two series, the people are getting a better VR model than others, so the new VR headset meta quest 3 will be soon on the stage.

The price will be cheaper than other products, the price for 64GB will be 299$ as per our knowledge. our even less than other versions of quests. The reason for this is to invite the new players to experience a better quality virtual reality option at an affordable price rate.

This new headset will have better quality at an affordable price range so that every gamer and the new gamers who want to join can experience the VR experience and not have to settle for less. The developers have not mentioned the other details but from the profiles and little searching online the price will be less and the features will be more.

when does meta quest 3 come out

What can we expect from Meta Quest 3?

In the next few years, the other brands are also launching their products. The brands are like Apple launching AR/VR and the glasses soon. Sony’s PSVR and MeganX. To compete with these top-tier brands and other brands, the developers are developing things that can bring more customers to their new meta quest version.

As in the market, the trends of VR gaming are at another level and it is going to boost also. So taking advantage of this and developing more like meta quest products the brand will design a more user-friendly product. The product will have probably all the features to compete with the other brands.

Expected Price Range?

Oculus Quest has 299$ for a 128GB model. This is one of the top-tier headsets in this range. So to maintain the streak in the top tier the meta quest will offer a different price which will depend upon the model size and will be nearer to other prices to get more new users for brands and also for up-gradation of the old customer with all new features in it.

Launch Date of the Meta Quest 3

The meta quest three will not launch in this year 2022 and the chances for the early launch is very less as of now, in the tweet Richard mentioned that the meta quest three will launch in 2023, at the end of the year.

So the launching of this won’t take place in 2022 or it can be done in the middle of 2023 and if anything goes wrong then only the time will be delayed. The official launch date will be announced soon, also the product availability in the different platforms and the pre-booking of the product. As the date will announce you will hear from us and other related details of it.

meta quest 3 releasing date
Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3: Specification

As we mentioned the dates are not announced yet furthermore any other details are not launched. So will compare the details from the other version of it octus quest two.

In meta quest three, the features will be more than the octus quest two and some features might be deducted also the new design will be more user-friendly. The meta quest has the acquisition of Facebook recently named META so the users might need the meta account to launch VR. Also, it will be launched near the Christmas holiday season and it would be a better gift to gamers.

The connectivity of the game as in the many other VR connectivity is either via wired or wireless, in the meta quest three, there will be no requirement of the pc to play the game.

Nonetheless, the new version of the meta quest will have the option to play games from the Steam library so the user can enjoy more games around the globe and not have to settle for the few same games. Not sure about whether it will connect with the playstation or not for now.

For the storage option as we mentioned the steam library is added in this to store games and all games data there is the option of the expandable storage micro SSD. The base model of it has limited storage and will vary as per upgrade.

The resolution of it will be far better than another virtual reality system, the meta quest three have the OLED panels and this all be crystal clear and not affect the game size so the users will not face any issues related to the resolution if you played in the quest two you know how all the details are on point and in the meta quest 3 the details are specific and will behave better clarity in the game.

In the other VR, there is an option of hand tracking, in one of the interviews, Mark zuken mentioned that the new VR system will detect the eye and face operation, so it is possible that this option will be present in the meta quest three. As you played in the hand-operated VR and the experience probably will be mind-blowing so now imagine controlling all things with the eye and face operation.

The processor and the refresh rate will not let down your hope. While playing the video game whether it’s a pc game or game from the steam library you can easily store with an extendable SSD card and have the more option of the game so the developed system will have the ability to manage all the things and not miss any single graphic details in the VR.

The processor will have a snapdragon with over 120 Hz so you don’t have to worry about the gaming experience. You can binge-watch all day and it will not miss any of the graphics.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the Meta Quest 3 with complete information.

when does Quest 3 coming out?

The high-end Metaverse headset will be released in Q2 2022, according to the insider, while the Quest 3 will debut at Meta’s 2023 Connect event. MiniLED screens will be included in Meta Cambria (Q2 2022). In its first year, HMD hopes to sell 3 million units.

What does the oculus quest run on?

Here the specification of Oculus Quest. Its runs on Android Source Code when its comes the Operating system, The gadget uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, in terms of the CPU its use 2.4 GHz + 4 Kryo 280 Sliver processor and 4GB of memeory.

Can you watch Netflix on Oculus Quest?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on the Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Go and soon the Oculus Meta 3 also added into this list.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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