Is Rust Cross-Platform? How To Add Friends

The cross-platform feature becoming quite popular among the video game community as it allows players from all over the platforms to play together.

When it comes to the survival games such as Rust that are nearly 10 years old, players usually want to know if Rust supports cross-platform and how players can add friends in the crossplay feature. Here we covered all the information related to the Rust Crossplay.

is rust cross platform

Is Rust Cross-Platform Supported?

Yes, Rust supports cross-platform play. But there is a limitation the crossplay feature is available for the console’s game versions only. This means if you own a PlayStation console you can easily able to play Rust cross-platform with Xbox console users.

Unfortunately, PC users can only able to play crossplay with other PC Users. We keep updating here if there will be any changes in future for PC Crossplay in Rust.

how to add friend on rust in crossplatform

How To Add Friends on Rust Crossplay?

There are multiple ways to play Rust crossplay if you use the Rust Console Edition on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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You can Private server to play with your friend however it can be costly and if you are good to go for monthly membership then you can create a custom server using the Main menu of Rust and invite your friend.

Will There be Rust PC Crossplay Available In Future?

There is no official announcement by Facepunch Studios until now for the PC Crossplay to join the Xbox and PlayStation Crossplay.

The thing game is designed differently for all devices as per their capacity. And the PC players using the keyboard and mouse would be an advantage over the console players who use the controller.

Since the release of Rust Console Edition the developers working on new features to improve the experience for the console users.

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