Michael Chandler vs. Conor McGregor: Brendan Schaub’s Bold Remark UFC Battle

Brendan Schaub Casts Doubt on Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler Fight

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub is skeptical about the possibility of a matchup between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler.

As a coach on season 31 of “The Ultimate Fighter,” McGregor was expected to face off against Michael Chandler, the opposing coach. The UFC had plans to book the fight before the end of 2023. However, McGregor’s failure to re-enter the USADA testing pool in time has dashed hopes for a fight this year.

Amidst the disappointment for a potential McGregor vs. Chandler bout in 2023, some doubt whether the fight will happen at all. Rumors have been circulating, suggesting that the “Notorious” one may have lost interest in facing Chandler.

Brendan Schaub recently shared his thoughts on “The Schaub Show,” expressing his belief that Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler won’t step into the Octagon together.

“No, they’re not fighting,” Schaub said confidently. “I’m finally convinced that it’s probably not happening, and The Ultimate Fighter ratings are so low. Conor literally doesn’t give a f***. Even ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, he went there on the last episode to help him coach. He’s like, ‘Yo, you’re actually gonna coach today?’ I think he didn’t mean to say it, but they put it up, it’s on tape. He’s like, ‘Are you actually gonna help coach the kids today?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I’ll be in there.’ You can tell he’s just like, ‘Hey man, they use my face. I’m here to party in Vegas and do my thing.”‘

In Brendan Schaub’s view, the chances of a Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler fight seem bleak, given McGregor’s apparent lack of interest and the current state of “The Ultimate Fighter” ratings.

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