Honkai Star Rail Space Station Ghost Stories

The Space Station Ghost Stories is a daily task in Honkai Star Rail that players may take for Adler on the Herta Space Station – Supply Zone. This challenge requires you to locate the source of a weird noise. Use our Honkai Star Rail Space Station Ghost Stories guide below to effortlessly finish this quest.

Where to Start Space Station Ghost Stories

When the Space Station Ghost Stories daily objective is underway, players must visit Adler, an NPC. Adler is located in the Supply Zone of the Herta Space Station. He may be found within the Electrical Room, which can be readily reached by utilizing the Electrical Room Space Anchor. To begin the mission, speak with Adler.

Listen to Adler’s Ghost Stories

Adler will change places once you speak with him. You must then locate him in order to hear his ghost stories. Adler is transferred to the Herta Space Station’s Storage Zone.

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Travel quickly to the Courtyard Space Anchor and then take the elevator to the second floor. Adler will be waiting for you immediately outside the elevator. Speak with him to discover more about his background.

Ask Around and Find the Truth Behind the Ghost Story 

Your next goal is to discover the truth behind Adler’s ‘ghost story.’ The first story is about a mysterious door that makes a peculiar noise. There is a researcher on the Herta Space Station’s Base Zone who knows more about the door.

Honkai Star Rail Space Station Ghost Stories
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Listen to the Sleepy Researcher standing next to the seat in the southeast corner of the Reception Center. He’ll tell you about the unusual sound that came from the door.

Find the Door Making Weird Noises 

The position of the door will be indicated on your map once you’ve spoken with the tired researcher. The entrance is located on the first level in the Storage Zone of the Curio Collection Room.

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Go to this spot and walk all the way to the end of the room to find the large door. Investigate the door for a chance encounter with a lone Wubbaboo.

Return to Adler outside the Space Elevator once you’ve identified the source of the sound and tell him the truth. You will finish this daily assignment after informing him about the Wubbaboo.

That’s how to pass the Honkai Star Rail Space Station Ghost Stories as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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