Mushrooms Or Bats | What to Pick

Once you earn 25k gold in Stardew Valley the next morning Demetrius will come to your farmhouse and ask you to use the cave for the research and offer you two options Mushrooms and Bats which you need to choose one option.

If you’re confused about what option you should pick because you cannot reverse it means you will be stuck with the option you choose. Don’t worry here we featured a guide on what is to choose Mushrooms or Bats in Stardew Valley along with the benefits and comparison of both options. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

mushrooms or bats stardew

What to pick Mushrooms or Fruit Bats

It depends on you what you want to choose, however choosing the Mushrooms will give you a good amount of money by selling them and if you choose Fruit Bats it can also be useful for you because you can use fruits for gifting to build relationships in Stardew Valley. We recommend you to go for Mushrooms its totally worth it.

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Fruit Bats Cave

If you pick the Fruit Bats option from Demetrius then you can get different types of Fruits in your cave every day. More importantly, the spawn rate of the fruits depends on the fruits you have in your cave right now. This means if your cave is totally empty then there will be 48 percent of getting new fruit the next morning. Similarly, if you have 1 fruit in the cave then the percentage of spawning the fruits is 25 percent and vice verse.

Tip: Try to pick as many as fruits you can from the cave this will increase the chance of getting new fruits.

Mushrooms Cave

If you pick Mushrooms then the cave will fill with the different types of mushrooms. There will be 6 different bins that will grow mushrooms within 2 days. In Stardew Valley the mushroom growth basically depends on the time you go to bed.

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This means if you go to bed at late 2 A.M then mushrooms will spawn the next day at 12:40. So if you go to the bed before 6 P.M the mushrooms will fully grow within 2 days. We recommend you try going late in bed to maximize the production of the mushrooms.

Mushrooms vs Fruit Bats

MushroomsFruit Bats
The mushrooms are useful in a bundle of Community CenterThe Fruits are also used in the bundle of Community Center
Most of the mushroom is rare and sells at good pricesYou can use the fruits as gifts to villagers to build strong relationship
Mushrooms can be used to craft the Life ElixirsFruit can be used for gifting

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