Stardew Valley OWL Statue Event Wiki Guide

Stardew Valley OWL Statue: The Stone Owl is a Stardew Valley game, which mainly works on the strategy of creating farms. Standard valley Stardew Valley is a farm cultivating creation game, with RPG components. It is accessible for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and it’s ridiculous brilliant.

Your granddad has passed his old ranch onto you and you really want to make it ready. In this game, people have to be present on your farm and ensure that you have an open tile for the spawn of the owl. This game is mostly loved by creator minds which allow their developers to keep it updated.

Some of the secrets about what new happening in this event are big suspense now. Most people don’t know how to unlock the event and get this Stone Owl. Here we are going to tell you how to unlock the event and their latest secrets about this event:

How do grow crops easily and big?

To grow fresh and green cauliflowers or huge melons, till the work in a 3×3 lattice, prepare with Quality Fertilizer, and plant cauliflower, melons, or pumpkins.

To collect it, you’ll have to hit it with a hatchet, and it will yield two times how much produce. Leaving matured crops for a little while after they are expected for gathering may likewise incite them to combine into one enormous harvest.

stardew valley owl statue

How to get into the Stone Owl Event?

Stone owl is a very interesting prediction game, in which players have to grow their farm for more than 1 year and after that, there is only one percent chance that the stone owl will come into your farm. That’s the reason, people have the craze for it and want stone owls on their farms.

To get into this event the first thing you have to do is install it. Stone owl is an event in which, players can directly jump into their farms after farming for at least more than 1 year. There is a very less chance that this event will happen every night which is more relatable to the Strange Capsule rare event.

If you want that the Stone Owl will come to your farm you have to open tiles for the spawn. After opening it, you have to only update it daily until this event happens. Then, if you heard a sound of an Owl while sleeping, it means the owl is coming into your farm. And when an owl comes to your farm, it shows you a sculpture of it on your farm.

What is for this Stone Owl?

In Stardew Valley, players own and work on farms. They can plan and fan out their property in some way they need and copy all that from creating yields and mining metal to getting hitched and starting a family.

It was basically absolutely unworkable for players to get the Stone Owl figure to create on their property around 12 PM. By and by, this event is truly typical, but fans are thinking about how to deal with this odd figure and what it’s an inspiration.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stone owl?

Stone Owl is just a decoration item like other objects.

When did Stone owl come into your property?

Stone owl mostly came around 12 PM on their property.

How do people know that a Stone owl will come to their property?

People will hear a sound of an owl while sleeping, only then owl comes to their property.

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