MW2 DMZ Building 21: How To Enter and What’s Inside

If you’re playing Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, you have the option to enter Building 21, but you’ll need a Building 21 Access Card to get inside. This guide will provide you with the information you need to enter and explore this high-risk, high-reward area.

How To Enter Into DMZ Building 21

To get a Building 21 Access Card, you can search for them randomly in Orange Supply Boxes and Supply Drops around Al Mazrah, or by killing a Commander in MW2 DMZ. Additionally, there are Red and Blue Access Cards that unlock locked rooms holding high-tier Contraband.

dmz building 21

Exploring MW2 DMZ Building 21: A Mysterious Location

MW2 DMZ players now have a new location to explore in Building 21, which is separate from Al Mazrah. This biological laboratory is surrounded by mystery and not many people who enter this location make it out alive.

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What’s Inside of Building 21

Building 21 is filled with heavily-armed AQ Soldiers, as well as competing Operators, so it’s important to be prepared for a challenging fight. However, the loot is well worth the risk. In addition to the Contraband, you can find in other parts of the DMZ, there are Weapon Cases that offer exclusive rewards every time you exfil from Building 21 with one.

Exclusive Rewards

When you obtain a Weapon Case and exfil from Building 21, you’ll receive one of several unique rewards, including.

  • Going Bark Weapon Charm
  • Weapon Rover Calling Card
  • Roar Weapon Sticker
  • Company Sniper Emblem
  • Camo Cloud Vehicle Skin
  • or a Silver Tox Chimera Blueprint.


Building 21 is an intense and high-risk area in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, but the rewards are worth the danger. If you gather a team of trusted comrades and prepare a loadout accordingly, you can enter and explore this dangerous area and come away with exclusive rewards.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter Building 21 in MW2 DMZ?

To enter Building 21 in MW2 DMZ, you need a Building 21 Access Card. You can find this card randomly in Orange Supply Boxes and Supply Drops around Al Mazrah, or you can get it by killing a Commander in MW2 DMZ. Once you have the access card, you can enter the building and explore its various rooms.

What kind of loot can I find in Building 21?

Building 21 is loaded with high-end Contraband, including Three-Plate Armour Vests, Self-Revives, and Killstreaks. Additionally, there are Weapon Cases that you can extract for rewards like the Going Bark Weapon Charm, Weapon Rover Calling Card, Roar Weapon Sticker, and more. However, be aware that Building 21 is heavily guarded, and you may encounter fierce opposition from AQ Soldiers and other Operators.

How do I get the Black Access Card for Building 21?

To get the Black Access Card for Building 21, you need to defeat Veliken, a Boss that resides in the building. Veliken is one of the toughest opponents in MW2 DMZ, so you will need a skilled team and a solid loadout to take him down. However, if you succeed, you will gain access to some of the most valuable Contraband in the game.

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