COD Warzone 2: Al Mazrah Interactive Map Guide

The COD warzone is known to be one of the most popular battle royal games. It is popular due to its graphics, modes, and maps. The newest map known as the Al Mazrah has caught up the interest of many. The players want to know each and every detail about the Al Mazrah Interactive map.

If you are one of the players who love to dominate in the warzone, we have got your back. We bring to you the complete Al Mazrah Interactive map guide for you to overcome the other players.

Al Mazrah Interactive map

Basically, Al Mazrah is known to be a metropolitan city. It is a fictional city made by the developers in order to make the game more competitive and intense. As we have already seen that the developers of the Call of Duty want to unify all the franchise games.

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Simply going to the  Interactive Tactical Map website, you can easily able to lookup at the map that helps you to know what you needed for Warzone 2 and DMZ. The interactive map also has a left sidebar with short keys to help you out without having a hassle.

Thus, all the story and the upgrades which we usually see in modern warfare 2 can also be easily applied in the Warzone’s Al Mazrah map. We see huge changes in the new Al Mazrah map. The AI has been upgraded.

The vehicles, the water effect, the weapon, each part has been taken into consideration when we see the Al Mazrah map.

Al Mazrah Interactive Map Dynamics

The Warzone 2 Al Mazrah map is known to be the biggest of the all maps in Warzone. There is a huge change when we see the effects of the safe zones in the Al Mazrah map. Instead of the traditional one big circle of the safe zone, we get to see that there is a splitting of the circle into three different safe zones.

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As the match progresses, the circle automatically becomes small and the three safe zones collapse into one big circle. This is done to avoid the clash of teams when they are moving to the safe zones as they would have no choice but to fight.

Al Mazrah Interactive Map New Insights

Now, the players also have to look under the water for the enemies, due to the latest upgrade for the Al Mazrah map. It is not similar to the traditional maps of Verdansk and Caldera.

Here in the Al Mazrah map, we see a number of rivers that supports underwater fights. It should be noted that the players can only use melee weapons to kill enemies.

In the Al Mazrah map, many areas are already taken by combatants of AI. It is similar to the pacific event of the warzone. The areas are known to be Strongholds and thus, they are filled with different enemies.

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Thus, if you want to capture the place you need to tackle the AI defenders.

Al Mazrah Interactive map important locations

We know that Warzone 2 contains all the features of Moder Combat 2 and previous games. We can recognize many known areas like the Airport and Quary from Modern Warfare 2. Some of the important locations on the Al Mazrah map are Taraq, Embassy, Caves, Oasis, Port, Rohan Oil, Sawah Village, and a lot more.

A place called Building 21 is known to be a loot spot and also a hot drop for the players which is located on the Al Mazrah Interactive map. But you need to have a card to enter the building.

Thus, the Al Mazrah map comes with lots of new features and updates in the engine. We need to look for various other updates which can make the Al Mazrah map more interesting and intense.