My Heroes Dungeon Raid Codes List (Nov. 2022)

My Heroes Dungeon Raid Codes: New players will have trouble getting items in My Heroes Dungeon Raid initially, so by using codes; they can make progress quicker, enjoy My Heroes Dungeon Raid more, and get a small edge over other players.

These codes can be used to get different items from within the game, such as Gold, Diamonds, Costumes, etc. Many promo codes are available right now, and we have covered them for you in this guide.

My Heroes: Dungeon – Overview

My Heroes: Dungeon Raid is a game about doing battle against your enemies in a dungeon. Each battle is unique, with its unique structure and characters. These enemies will not only attack you in different ways but also with their brand of magic attacks. It is a dungeon-crawling recreation wherein you can combat monsters and defeat them.

The game has a unique art style resulting from pixel-style graphics with bold colors and good effects. It also features a great storyline that follows you from the beginning till the end of the game, which gives it an interesting plot line.

The recreation has been designed to be performed solo or with friends, as a group, or maybe with the aid of using yourself. You can start at level 1 and level up as you go, gaining new skills and equipment. My Heroes: Dungeon Raid Codes With this list of codes, you will get plenty of rewards and free unlock to aid your progression through the game.

my heroes dungeon raid codes

New codes often come out after hitting specific milestones, so check out this page to see the latest freebies. You can level up your in-game characters and inventories by reclaiming these codes, which are game-exclusive. You can redeem all the codes for free gifts such as money, gems, hero Experience, shoes, and other game rewards.

My Heroes Dungeon Raid Codes List


















When you redeem these codes, you received typical items that will aid your in-game quests. Since My Heroes is a new independent game, the most efficient way to get multiple codes is by staying tuned on the official Reddit, unless you are willing to waste a lot of time digging through posts on official Facebook.

If you want more codes, then more My Heroes Dungeon Raid Codes have been posted to the game’s official social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and in the game’s official Discord.

How To Redeem My Heroes Dungeon Raid Codes?

To redeem the codes, follow the below steps:-

1. Go to the Settings, presented on the down-left side.

2. Select Shop from the menu.

3. You have to select Redeem code.

4. Type your code in the dialogue box that will appear.

5. Just click on Redeem. You will be given your rewards.

We look at the brand new codes frequently, so you are recommended to test this web page frequently. You can assist us via way of means of listing any new or expired codes within side the feedback section. If you notice any missing or expired codes, please inform us about them within the remark section.

So, make sure you check back with our site often because we publish all-new working redeem codes once they are available for use. Also, ensure you copy working codes from this guide and use them ASAP before they expire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How to input a gift code on my hero?

Launch the game and visit settings by clicking on the equipment icon positioned within the pinnacle right-hand nook of the screen. Now click on the `Get Prizes’ button. Copy and input any of the energetic My Heroes: Dungeon Raid redeem codes from above within side the textual content area.

How to invite friends to the My Heroes dungeon raid?

Thankfully, the pal device in MHS is quite simple. You can get admission to the pal device with the aid of tapping at the Blue Figure icon placed underneath the Hero’s License icon, even on the side of the Heroes City. These include Friends List, Friend Requests, Friend Search, and Recent.

How to leave a guild in Dungeon Raid heroes?

Tap the Leave Guild button and affirm your purpose to go away from the guild. A message will seem to appear within the Guild Chat you left. A Guild Leader must first sell another Guild Member before leaving the guild.

What are some codes for my heroes?

Some codes include blitz, DaneLikes, Dex, hero2021, hero777, hero999, and herosifd, which you can use to get codes for my heroes.

Is my heroes Dungeon Raid good?

It has a fresh and thrilling barrage of taking pictures of battles. With an immoderate degree of freedom, game enthusiasts can start adventures in Diablo-style houses and enjoy the boom of in-game. This game is a conservative pixel-style barrage-taking photos RPG game. It has sparkling and interesting barrage taking photos battles.

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