Clicker Simulator Value List (September 2022)

Clicker Simulator Value List: If you are looking for other Roblox Value Lists, we also have Pet Simulator X Value Lists, Mining Simulator 2 Value Lists, and Rebirth Champions X Value Lists. The exclusive pets category in the Pet Simulator X value list is reserved for pets that cannot easily be obtained through any means, Except through trading.

This list is still a work in progress, but this is what you can expect to receive for some of Rainbow’s pixels pets from a surprise Easter update. A surprise Easter update Brought 17 new pets to this always-popular Roblox trading game, including some massive, brand-new exclusive pets.

Clicker Simulator: Overview

Clicker simulator is a Roblox sport wherein the purpose is to gather pets with the aid of using hatching eggs. Clicker Simulator is a very interesting and addictive game on Roblox. It has been downloaded extra than three million instances because it turned into launched in January 2017. However, the design of the game is quite simple and easy to understand.

The simple acceptance in the back of this sport is to get as many pets from stages as possible. Each puppy may be both an animal and a robot. Pets have their own unique abilities which help them to do various things in the game such as solving puzzles, interacting art other players, fighting enemies, and even creating artwork!

clicker simulator value list

In order to get pets, you need to repeatedly click on different objects that are located on the screen (hence its name).

Clicker simulator value list follows:

Top #1 Reward500,000N/AN/AN/A
Top #10 Reward250,000N/AN/AN/A
Top #25 Reward115,000N/AN/AN/A
2022 Time Guardian75,000150,000N/AN/A
20M Portal Guardian11,50024,50075,00050,800
75M Vortex Fury8,50019,00040,00030,800
150M Shattered Reality6,00013,50024,00022,800
50M Terminator5,50013,00030,00025,800
Ultraviolet Spectre5,00011,00030,00020,800
Martius Module4,00010,00025,00018,000
100M Furnace of Heaven4,0009,00020,00016,600
Atlantis LeviathanO/CN/AN/AN/A
Atlantis ShockO/CN/AN/AN/A
Luck of the Irish3,5008,50017,00017,800
Tropical Abyss3,5007,0001500015800
Winged Pirate Lord2,50055001200012800
Meta Virus1,8505,00020,00010,800
Techno Mecha1,6504,25015,0009,300
Time Lord1,1002,85010,0006,500
Mutant Robot9,502,45010,0005,700
Molten Core7501,8507,5004,500
Corrupt Bee Overlord5001,3503,1503,950
Galaxium Core4001,2502,5003,200
Coconut Bee3007501,8502,650
Galactic Unicornlord3007501,8502,650
Nuke Core Bot2506501,4002,200
Corrupted File2506501,4002,200
Space Terminator2506501,4002,200
Clicker Mech1754501,1501,950
Striker Droid1504509501,750
Smart Orb1504004001,750
Golem Champion Droid1504009501750
150M Crusader15040010001500
Mythical Prosperity1003008001250
20M Trophy99250650900
100M Prophet90250550750
150M Trophy75200500800
75M Trophy70180450550
100M Trophy70150350450
50M Trophy60150400500
Aurora Guardian70150350450
Legend of Luck3090200500
2022 Champion2080300250
Cosmic Anomaly121375175
VillainBot X211375175
Parasitic Tower5183675
Web Surfer42060150
Cable Spirit2102040
Ultra Death Dragon481525
HeroBot X19351015
Spirit of Sound2468
Crafted Tower2345
Battle Dragon2234
Crafted Spectre2234
Crafted Overlord1234

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Clicker Simulator Value with complete information.

What does a simulator mean in games?

A simulation recreation tries to duplicate diverse sports from actual existence inside the shape of recreation for diverse functions including training, analysis, prediction, or sincere entertainment. Usually, there aren’t any strictly described dreams inside the recreation, with the participant alternatively allowed to govern a person or surroundings freely.

What is the most valuable pet in Clicker Simulator?

The most valuable pet in the clicker simulator is the top #1 reward this is the reward for concluding 1st in the original leaderboard occasion.

What is the value of tokens in the clicker simulator?

At the moment, no, Tokens aren’t well worth the time, money, or attempt that they require so one can attain them. They serve little to no motive internal to Clicker Simulator, especially while enjoy codes are continuously launched through builders that provide their shape of unfastened boosts.

What is a code clicker simulator?

Published through Pressure Studios, Clicker Simulator is a Roblox recreation wherein gamers develop through income clicks and their usage of them to shop for eggs, pets, etc. Earn enough, rebirth, get gems, and improve your character.

What is the best clicking simulator game in Roblox?

Tapper Simulator you aim to acquire sufficient clicks to rebirth with greater gemstones and tapping multipliers, to copy the system and come to be with an extraordinary quantity of clicks whilst all is stated and done. Pets are key to understanding those goals, and Tapper Simulator offers you management over how those pets feature and evolve.

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