Tsuki Odyssey Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Tsuki Odyssey maintains the adventures of the adorable white rabbit who moves again to Mushroom village to fulfill his friends. Like the first recreation, Odyssey is a calming recreation in which characters take their time, and their conduct and moves no longer depend upon a player’s input.

However, occasions are brought on after gathering positive objects and positive samples for the day. You can take part in fun exercises, such as fishing, when you can purchase the fishing stick/rod.

There are additionally simple farming elements, in which you could harvest carrots every 2 hours, discover hidden characters to accomplish carrots for free, and improve the Tsuki’s treehouse with unique floorboards, décor, and new fixtures and wallpaper.

Tips & Tricks for Beginners

The Tsuki’s Odyssey gameplay has a minimalist individual interface: The top-proper niche of the sports display screen presents the number of carrots you’ve acquired so far.

Carrots are the sport’s major forex and are used to buy numerous items, including furnishings and trinkets from Yori’s keep or indoor décor from Dawn’s keep. Four icons are on the lowest display screen while you are in Tsuki’s tree house.

tsuki odyssey

1. These icons areInventory: The stock is where you can view all bought objects/rewards you’ve acquired so far. These consist of all bought furnishings/furnishings acquired as rewards that haven’t been located within the treehouse yet, interest objects bought from Yori’s store, objects acquired as presents from numerous characters, etc.

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Tap at the crimson pouch to get the right of entry to stock. On the primary display screen, you’ll see all not unusual place objects consisting of a yoga mat, fishing rod, notebook, floorboard, wallpaper, etc. Tap at the sofa icon withinside the stock display screen to discover a listing of all furnishings objects.

2. Edit (Hammer Icon): You need to tap on the hammer symbol to update your house. A new panel will skate from the left side of the display. After this player can drag and drop the following things fixtures, floorboards, and wallpaper using the left panel of the treehouse. It would help if you bought fixtures from Yori’s keep, after which go to the treehouse to unlock the left panel.

Next, drag a fixtures object to the pinnacle or first ground of the treehouse. Once fixtures are located on the ground, you may rotate them with the aid of urgently the crimson icon above them. To circulate the object again in your inventory, faucet at the crimson dustbin icon. To view the description, faucet the inexperienced eye icon.

3. Smartphone: The in-sport phone is the maximum treasured tool in Tsuki’s Odyssey. You can navigate/quick tour to specific places from the phone’s map menu. Unlike real-international telephones powered via way of means of Android, this tele cell smartphone is powered using “Carrot OS.” It’s simply a full-fledged fundamental phone for your tele cell smartphone and appears very compact and cute.

4. Settings (cog): Under settings, you could alternate language, modify sound and SFX, flip on/off notifications, and simply needed to flip on “preserve battery” to bypass the battery drain issue. Don’t overlook to check in to Google Play Games to shop Tsuki’s Odyssey development via the settings menu. When you circulate to the carrot farm, a different harvest icon (sickle) can be shown on the lowest of the display screen.

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How To Buy furniture and different Items from Yori’s Store?

Yori’s shop sells furnishings, decor, and interesting objects. In this shop, you’ll discover furnishings on the market on the first floor, while interesting objects and other “knick-knacks” may be observed on the pinnacle floor.

Items on the market extrude every few hours, so ensure you purchase the ones that can be displayed in the shop earlier than changing them through new objects.

Of course, you’ll be camping in a position to shop for older objects; however, those objects can also additionally seem randomly during the day. Keep an eye fixed on Yori’s shop for brand new and formerly considered objects on sale.

How To Get Free Carrots In Tsuki Odyssey?

1. Get them from the carrot farm:

Tap at the in-recreation telephone > map (marker icon), after which faucet at the massive carrot icon on the map. You also can faucet on man or woman carrots to uproot them. The player can harvest carrots within the farm for 2 hours. Constantly be conscious of the telephone symbol. When prepared for harvesting, the map icon will flash at the tiny telephone display on the lowest display.

2. From the Punchcard:

You can find the buy on your smartphone. Log in every day to get loose carrots as rewards. Tap for your smartphone > Punchcard to say your rewards. -Selling fish. Buy the fishing rod through Yori’s shop and start fishing. Sell the fish for carrots.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are you considered to do, Tsuki Odyssey?

Tsuki’s Odyssey is a passive journey sport that immerses you into the sector of Tsuki and the oddball characters of Mushroom Village. Decorate your home, make friends, capture all varieties of fish, and more!

Can I expand my house in Tsuki Odyssey?

Tsuki’s Treehouse and Carrot Farm may be upgraded by unlocking and buying the improved blueprints at Dawn’s Workshop: Koinobori. Irrigation Pro Ultra. Level three Expansion.

Why is Tsuki’s Odyssey 17+?

Surprise Creepy: This recreation has a 17+ score for a reason! In the Great City, Tsuki can from time to time see a endure in a trench coat taking walks by. Taking a photograph of him provokes him into capturing a window close to Tsuki.

How can I plant more carrots in Tsuki Odyssey?

Tap the huge tree close to Tsuki’s residence while it is ready. You can get extra carrots from the plant if you use the fertilizer from Wagyu. He can seem every time out of doors the treehouse, so ensure you open the app frequently.

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