Squirtle Community Day returns in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Community Days are special events occurring in a specific time frame per timezone that revolves around a certain Pokemon. Players celebrated Squirtle Community Day on July 9 but another one is on the horizon. An exciting weekend is on the charts as the event will be just two days after the Riolu Hatch Day.

Several trainers experienced login issues with Pokemon Trainer Club during the previous Squirtle Community Day. Niantic Support on Twitter acknowledged the issue. When one of the players asked for compensation, the company assured that it will host a makeup event. The message read:-

Yes, Trainer. For the recent Pokémon Trainer Club login issue during Community Day Classic: Squirtle, a makeup event will be happening. Any information on this should be shared by our official channels. Please stay tuned for any updates. ^LN


The Squirtle Community Day Classic Makeup Event will begin on Sunday, July 23, at 2:00 PM and end at 5:00 PM Local Time. Many bonuses will be active during this three-hour time period along with boosted chances of obtaining a Shiny Squirtle.

Pokemon Go Squirtle Community Day bonuses

Squirtle will have an increased spawn rate during the Community Day Classic. As such, the odds of catching a Shiny Squirtle are suspected to be around 1/10. Lures and Incense will be more effective so use them to attract more of the Kanto Pokemon. Here is a rundown of each bonus that will be active this Sunday from 2 PM – 5 PM.

  • Squirtle will have an increased Spawn Rate
  • Egg Hatch distance will be reduced to 1/4
  • Incense will last 3 hours (except Daily Adventure Incense)
  • Lures will last 3 hours (except Golden Lures)
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The water-type Squirtle has two evolutions: it evolves into Wartotle when fed 25 Candy, and then into Blastoise when fed 100 Candy. A great tank for Great Leagues and Ultra Leagues, the Community Day will also feature a special evolution event in which a Blastoise can learn a powerful Water-type Charged Attack.

Features during Pokemon Go Squirtle Community Day Makeup Event

Trainers that evolve a Warotle during the Community Day or two hours afterward, i.e., till 7 PM LT, will get a Blastoise that has access to the Hydro Cannon Charged Attack. A Blastoise that uses Water Gun and Hydro Cannon benefits from same-type attack bonus (STAB), besides the fact that the Charged Move can deal up to 80 damage in PvP.

Use Pokemon Go’s AR Photo ability during the event to get photobombed by a Squirtle. It will then appear in the wild. To know the full step-by-step process, click on the Pokeball icon from the Map. Then open Bag and scroll down to select Camera. Choose the Pokemon whose picture you want to click.

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Field Research Tasks that require trainers to ‘Catch 3 Squirtle’ will reward with a Squirtle with sunglasses encounter. Spinning PokeStops during the Squirtle Community Day will mostly give this mission. Note that the task won’t expire after the event ends.

Event-exclusive Timed Research

Players will be able to access optional research for US$0.99 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency) on Sunday. Those who purchased the Squirtle Community Day Classic–exclusive Special Research story on June 9 can purchase the ticket again.

Rewards for the Special Research include Squirtle Candy, all types of Pokeballs, Pinap Berries, Incubator, Rocket Radar, and even a Blastoise at the end. For a breakdown of all rewards and missions, read this article from PokemonHub.