OSRS Black Mask: How to Get and More

The black mask is a one-of-a-kind mask that is worn in the head slot. The stats of the mask are the same as those of a black med helm.

It gives the player a 16.67% attack and strength increase against all monsters on the current Slayer assignment. To equip, you’ll need 20 Strength, 10 Defense, and 40 Combat.

The black mask is an uncommon drop from Cave Horrors, and slaying them needs 58 Slayer and the completion of Cabin Fever to get entry to the island where they inhabit, Mos Le’Harmless.

When charged, the mask has the passive ability to reduce the Defence of an attacking monster by 2 + 7%. When fighting NPCs in Old School Runescape, the option to speed up or shorten tasks is a huge help.

This is especially true while grinding experience for a level 99 talent like Thieving or performing Slayer missions that require you to slay a large number of powerful creatures.

OSRS Black Mask
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How to get a Black Mask in Old School Runescape

The first and most crucial need for obtaining a Black Mask is a Slayer level of 58. Due to the power of the creatures that drop the item, you will be unable to get it without it. After that, you must finish the Cabin Fever quest to get entrance to the Mos Harmless island. This island is significant since it is the home of Cave Horrors, the mob, and the Black Mask.

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After you’ve completed the conditions, you may begin farming the Cave Horrors. The Cave Horrors are rather easy to defeat. They have poor Defense and HP, but before attacking them, obtain a Witchwood Icon or use Protect From Melee. That’s how to get Black Mask in Old School Runescape as I’ll see you in the next guide.