Persona 3: How to Beat Treasure Hand (Weakness and Counter)

During your journey through Tartarus, other SEES members will want to keep a look out for special golden adversaries. These adversaries are identical to the regular ones, only they have a gleaming gold tint rather than black.

These terrible boys are a nightmare to capture, let alone defeat in combat. It’s not impossible, though, and if you have enough subtlety, skill, and luck, you might be able to beat them for incredible prizes. Let’s set the clock to midnight and examine Persona 3 Portable Treasure Hand’s vulnerabilities and counters.

Treasure Hand Weaknesses and Counters

p3p treasure hand weakness
p3p treasure hand weakness

These Treasure Hands are exceedingly wary of you and will flee if they catch a peek of you. They won’t despawn until they hit a wall, but they’re quicker than you and will very certainly outrun you and your group.

You have some alternatives for addressing these gloved warriors, the first is to be very quiet and quietly approach up behind them until you can assault them and begin the confrontation. 

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Alternatively, if you detect a Treasure Hand, you can direct your comrades to investigate. When you do this in front of the hand, the encounter with your NPC partner will begin, allowing you to safely stroll up and join the battle.

Treasure Hands have no elemental weaknesses and have agility and luck attributes that are both 99. Don’t spend your SP if you get into a fight with them.

Attack with your usual attacks instead, and assuming the glove doesn’t flee too soon, you should be able to take it down. So that’s how to beat Treasure in Persona 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.