How To Get Pancake Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The Cookie Run Kingdom is an open-source video game powered by Devsisters. More importantly, this is an engaging primary plot, a plethora of sweets to aid in the war for the misplaced Vanilla Kingdom, you need to go through 200 stages in the game to complete it.

When you’ll complete any single stage in the game you’ll be provided with things and gems that allow you to rank up and buy characters. Crystals may be used to unlock new and intriguing treats in the Gacha.

The Pancake Cookie run is one of the rarest delectable cookies in the game. Most players are ready to launch him ahead and easily surprise the opponent. Pancake Cookie’s main skill is to “Take an Acorn!” This enables him to gallop ahead while hurling acorns in all directions. He also increases the attack DMG stats of the squad.

pancake cookie guide
pancake cookie run

A Pancake Cookie run may be found in the normal Cookie Gacha in the game. 0.380 percent chance of getting him, and 2.310 percent chance of getting the soulstone. Moreover, the Gacha draw for cookies along with cookie soulstones can be priced at 300 crystals per pull or 3,000 crystals for ten pulls approx. The Cookie Cutter Summons are also available within the Cookie Run Kingdom game.

Crystals may be bought in Cookie Run Kingdom with original money, although the game’s payouts are rather significant. It’s also worth noting that you may obtain additional crystals by repeating stages you’ve already finished. You may also obtain the extensive crystals by completing accomplishments and quests along with collecting your daily reward in the game.

Short story

The charming and active Pancake Cookie run was born, brown to perfection. The Pancake Cookie is quite adorable. And he’s well aware of it! To make himself extra prettier, he placed a slice of butter on top of his head.

An overload of cuteness! Acorn Jelly is this beautiful and innocent cookie’s favorite thing in the world. He’ll use his cute pie charms to snag that acorn jelly if he finds one. You can resist his charms, but he’ll get his hands on that Acorn Jelly one way or another.

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Pancake Cookie run is a fantastic asset for gamers wanting to simplify difficult stages. Even with only one level of Magic Candy, he can use the glide in extremely brief bursts. Pancake Cookie run will be awarded invincibility after a glide, regardless of the pancake distance travelled.

When utilized correctly, entire stages may be bypassed with little risk, and the immensely large magnetic aura created ensures that virtually every jelly is gathered. While Pancake Cookie run is no longer the greatest pick for really high scores in Trophy Race or Breakout, it is undeniably useful.

how to get pancake cookie

The biggest issue with this cookie is that his main skill is difficult to manage; even a skilled player may miss jellies on occasion, especially if they are against a similar coloured backdrop.

Furthermore, if Pancake Cookie enters Bonus Time during the skill, some of the Acorn Jellies will simply not return when it finishes. Despite the limitations listed above, rising pancake cookies may still be a decent choice if you already have a large number of high-scoring cookies.

His adaptability makes him viable at any level of play, and he shines on stages with a punishing energy drain. His Glide may be utilized right before he runs out of energy and held for an extended period of time, allowing him to charge over 20% of his skill under favorable conditions. His skills and glide both boost his movement speed, allowing him to cover long distances.

Take an acorn’s in-game skill description is as follows:

  • Fly ahead, flinging acorns at opponents, doing wide-area damage, and improving the party’s attack speed.
  • Take an acorn: Pancake Cookie’s run talent enables him to fly, fling acorns at foes, and inflict moderate area damage on them. It also boosts the attack speed of the party.

To begin your Cookie Run Kingdom journey, you must build a squad of five characters (or cookies) to fight your way thru the game. Cookies have many functions and have varying strengths. Our Cookie Run: Kingdom characters list will assist you in creating parties and selecting your strongest cookies.

Cookies must be divided into groups of five, with various cookies assigned to the back, center, and front of the squad. Defensive cookies are placed in the front, damaging cookies are placed in the center, and supporting cookies are placed in the back.

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Ancient and legendary cookies such as Pure Vanilla, Hollyberry, and Sea Fairy Cookies are all incredibly powerful and stand out from the crowd, but owing to the game’s gacha element, they can be difficult to get.


If you have epic-level cookies, check out our Cookie Run Kingdom guide. We’re not pushing you to spend crystals or money on the game, but if you have any of these cookies, you should use them. The game does give away crystals regularly enough that you’ll accrue a considerable number of epic cookies to utilize while you play.

what are the best cookies in cookie run kingdom
pancake cookie run

The list below is not exhaustive, as there are several strong cookies to choose from, but these are some of our favorites.

Detective Almond Biscuit is a backline support cookie. If you don’t have area-of-effect (AOE) damage, his talent locks down one target and distributes damage to other adversaries.

In this photo, Black Raisin Cookie holds her bird on her arm. The melancholy Black Raisin pancake cookie run is an ambush cookie that will ambush your squad. Her ability allows her to vanish while doing tremendous AOE damage to the enemy in front of her.

The tasty and warm cocoa cookie is a frontline defence cookie. As she rotates around in her cocoa cup, she heals HP and gives stun immunity to your squad, making her a vital asset for PvP.

The fluffy Cotton Cookie is a backline support cookie that not only heals your team but also summons sheep that stun and provide AOE damage to foes. She’s a fantastic healer to have on your squad.

The former prince, Dark Choco Cookie, is one of the most powerful cookies in pancake cookie run Kingdom right now, and he’ll be on your front lines. His talent does AOE damage while also lowering the protection of the creatures it hits, making it an ideal skill to employ before using other damage-dealing abilities.

The Herb Cookie is a healing cookie that will sit in your backline. He heals at a proportion of his ATK stat and keeps healing over time. His ability also eliminates all debuffs, which is crucial for getting you out of tight spots.

The beautiful Latte Cookie is a magic cookie that should be placed in the midst of your squad. Her talent provides initial damage in a huge circle, continues to do damage over time, and silences adversaries, transforming her into a formidable foe.

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The pink-and-white Parfait Cookie is a support cookie that will sit in your backline. Her talent heals over time, boosts the party’s DEF, and provides some debuff resistance to everyone.

The gorgeous Raspberry Cookie is a Charge cookie that will lead your squad to victory on the battlefield. Her talent does a lot of damage to the adversary with the highest ATK while also inflicting an ATK decrease debuff. She can assist in getting huge enemies out of the way swiftly.

The sparkling Sorbet Shark Cookie is an ambush cookie that lurks in the midst of your party. Their talent provides AOE damage and does extra damage to foes with the greatest health. If the enemy is a cookie, the talent performs true damage, ignoring DEF and damage resistance, making Sorbet Shark Cookie a dangerous opponent in PvP.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie holds out their crepe arms. The tasty Strawberry Cookie run is a defense cookie that will stand watch on your front lines. They do huge AOE damage and grant damage resistance to the person with the lowest max HP in your party. They, like Sorbet Shark Cookie, will appear often in PvP.

The enigmatic Vampire Cookie is an ambush cookie that will join your backline. His ability causes huge damage to the distant adversary and heals him. If you’re having difficulty with boss fights, try Vampire Cook.

She strikes the ground many times with her hammer, delivering area damage. The distinct sound of ringing metal boosts the morale of the celebration. The cookie with the greatest attack power? That ie’s massive damage is a wonderful method to remedy the problem.

Candy with Magical Properties

A little gage progressively fills up with time. Tap and hold the Slide button at the peak height of an additional jump to glide thru the air. Pancake Cookie will get additional points and avoid impending hazards while gliding. Increase your level to get extra glide points.


Pancake Cookie run is a fantastic asset for gamers wanting to simplify difficult stages. Even with only one level of Magic Candy, he can use the glide in extremely brief bursts. Pancake Cookie run will be awarded invincibility after a glide, regardless of the distance travelled.

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